[the escapists 2 review]The Escapists 2 for Xbox One review: A compelling prison break experience

  Your free time is critical — you must plan and execute your escape when you’re not expected elsewhere.

  Manage to consistently meet your quotas, however, and you are rewarded with free time to do as you wish. This is where the real meat of the game is — working out, crafting tools, and doing favors for other prisoners are all important steps to success in order to reach your ultimate goal: escape.

  For example, certain prisoners may have items that you need, or money that you could put to good use. To get them, though, you’ll have to do something for them first. This can range from stealing keys from guards, finding an item, or beating up a fellow inmate they have a sour relationship with. However, many things that are asked of you require you to go against the rules of the prison.

  This is where the genius design of The Escapists 2 really shines. Throughout the game, you have to balance between following the rules and breaking them. The challenge of working toward your goal of escaping while painting a picture of yourself as a model inmate is where the biggest difficulty of The Escapists 2 lies. Have to beat someone up? Don’t let a guard see it. Want to exercise and build your strength? Make sure to do it before or after roll call.