[maplestory nexon]Angry MapleStory Users Continue Boycott of Nexon Game


  Nexon’s main office in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province (Photo:Nexon Korea)

  Users of Nexon’s MaypleStory game are continuing the “zero won challenge” campaign that was triggered late last month by allegations that the game company provided items to users with unequal probability.

  Users of MaypleStory can pay the fees for playing the game by using the monthly charging service provided at the company’s website. Participants in the zero won challenge set the monthly charging limit to zero, meaning that they will not play the game during the month. The number of participants in the campaign is increasing exponentially. This directly leads to a decline in Nexon’s sales.

  As the boycott continued, Nexon clarified how probability is set for the “Cube,” the item that prompted probability manipulation allegations, on March 5.

  However, the controversy did not abate because users had no choice but to pay money to strengthen their items. Some users even said they would take legal action.

  The boycott is spreading to overseas users. In overseas online communities, including Reddit, a “zero-dollar challenge” is spreading. Industry watchers say that this move could tarnish Nexon’s reputation and credibility in overseas game markets.

  Against this backdrop, Nexon decided to hold a meeting with MapleStory users in April. Nexon apologized for the error in marking probabilities on the website of the game on March 9 and promised to give compensation to users who suffered losses.