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  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: 10 Regular Enemies That Feel Like Bosses

  By Jerrad Wyche

  Published Jun 15, 2021


  Like all FromSoftware games, Sekiro offers players tough challenges. But these 10 enemies might as well be boss fights.


  While fans around the world are still waiting for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring to release, the last game the studio gave to the world is still the talk of the town. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice introduced gamers to a whole new world that felt different from that of Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

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  It leaned into Japanese culture, folklore, and history and provided a challenging and fulfilling experience. In regards to the challenge, in typical FromSoftware fashion, several regular enemies made players sweat and focus in very much the same way the formidable bosses are intended to do.


  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Okami Spear Bearer

  The Okami Warriors come in a variety of classes with each one focusing on a specific type of combat or weapon. The Spear-Bearers, in particular, are scary simply because they have several perilous attacks that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice players need to look out for.

  Since blocking doesn’t work against these attacks, this is the point in the game where players are forced to get comfortable with the Mikiri Counter mechanic. By doing so, the Spear-Bearers can be dispatched and the skills and familiarity with the counter mechanic will pay huge dividends in the game moving forward.

  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Palace Dog

  For a quick second, players who manage to get to Fountainhead Palace may think Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was paying homage to the Pokemon franchise. In this area are Palace Dogs that are infused with electrical energy that they shoot at the player after a short time in which they charge up their attack.

  These things aren’t as friendly as the Pokemon Boltund or as cute as its base form named Yamper. That being said, they’re likely more dangerous and much more willing to attack with electricity at the very sight of a possible threat.


  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Immortal Monk

  The Immortal Monks that wander around the Senpou Temple in and around the Temple Grounds are an example of the developers, FromSoftware, giving players a false sense of security. Immortal Monks that the player first encounters inside are rather weak, but the ones that are infested by giant centipedes surprise the player shortly thereafter.

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  The developers want players to dismiss this enemy type,?so that, when the real threat presents itself, the player is completely caught off guard and the challenge feels much more anxiety-inducing.

  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Snake Eyes Cnanoneer

  Among the Snake Eyes followers are the Snake Eyes Cannoneers?who present themselves as simple gunners. However, they can quickly become a player’s least favorite fight. Their projectiles aren’t easy to dodge as they are wide-spreading and cover a good portion of the direction they’re facing.

  Those playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice who have mastered the Mikiri Counter will find these enemies easy to deal with. For everyone else, like with most FromSoftware enemies, it’s all about patience and finding an opening. Just don’t get greedy and overcommit to multiple successive strikes with no escape plan.


  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Rats

  Not to be confused with actual rats, an enemy type common in FromSoftware games, the Rats in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are small goblin-like creatures. They pride themselves on their assassination skills and ironically the best way for players controlling Sekiro to deal with them is by sneaking up and killing them.

  In a straight-up fight, they can be tough to parry and can inflict serious ranged damage thanks to their poison darts. Their perilous move called Perilous Grab also inflicts a great amount of damage despite their stunted size if they happen to catch Sekiro with it.

  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Interior Ministry Agents

  Any time a collection of enemies is referred to as a specialized unit, most gamers understand these enemies are likely elite and a tougher challenge in terms of difficulty. Interior Ministry Agents at first seem like mini-bosses, but these purple-cloaked assassins will populate Ashina Castle after the structure is invaded.

  Their kicks can catch players off guard as they mix them into their movement seamlessly. They sprinkle them into high movement combos that will have players unrelentingly dodging with Sekiro to dodge one of their 3 perilous kicks.


  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Sakura Bull

  In the first half of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players will come across a mini-boss called the Blazing Bull that’s standing in front of the gates to Ashina Castle. Many players find the odd and sporadic movement of the animal to be difficult to combat, but it’s not the only time they’ll fight a bull.

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  While exploring Fountainhead Palace, players will come across a pink-horned bull called Sakura Bull of the Palace. This bull also presents itself as a mini-boss but is weaker than the actual bull mini-boss, so this is closer to a regular enemy than it is to an actual boss or mini-boss.

  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Brown nightjar

  A big reason why Twitch and streaming, in general, has become so popular is that audiences like to see other people experience special moments in the games they love or are playing concurrently with their favorite streamers. The moment the Brown Nightjar descends on Sekiro as players scale Ashina Castle is one of these moments.

  These bird-like assassins move with a certain swiftness and its best to try and sneak up on them and strike with a critical blow. Patient players will quickly learn how to dispatch Nightjar enemies in a timely fashion.


  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Vengeful Apparitions

  The reality is that most people who completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and/or are reading this probably never encountered a Vengeful Apparition during their time with the game. These enemies are spiritual enemies?who only appear at twilight.

  For one of the three to appear, players must defeat three of the following 4 bosses: Genichiro Ashina, Guardian Ape, Folding Screen Monkeys, and/or the Corrupted Monk. They’re pretty tough and offer the player a unique challenge if said player is willing to find them at their specified locations.

  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Enemies Colored Carp

  The Giant Colored Carp is arguably the most mesmerizing enemy players will come across in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This giant fish is the focus of an achievement/trophy that starts by feeding the fish and ends with the player finding its remains in the Guardian Ape arena.

  If players try and swim in the palace lake, this large underwater beast will chase them down and inflict some serious damage. It’s not necessarily an intentional mini-boss, so that’s why it makes the cut and is considered a regular enemy despite its size and presence.

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