[stadia is bad]Xbox Cloud Gaming now available on iOS and desktop through the browser


  Grey Wolf


  5 hours ago

  hmm, 17 hours agoI just dont understand how they make up the list of supported countries of this thing ?

  Stadi… moreI wish I were in Estonia. Even though it is not supported now, in the future when it will be, you will have a very good experience. The same with my home country, Romania.

  Now, I live in Czechia. And even though the country is supported, the connection is bad and data plans are quite expensive. In here we have maximum 200Mbps (and we pay around 20EUR/month for that). Majority of people have 50-100Mbps connections.

  Bottom line, what’s the use of your country being supported, if the general internet connection is bad. I had both Stadia and Xcloud and the experiences were not 100% great. Especially with Xcloud.