[dbz kakarot]Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 3

  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s third and final DLC gives players a brand new character for Future Trunks, requiring them to level him up separately.

  By Anthony Puleo

  Published Jun 18, 2021


  How to level grind for Trunks DLC 3

  After players complete the main story of?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?DLC 3. they may be left wondering what else there is to do. The world has been restored to something that resembles its former glory before the androids arrived, and Trunks is now free to patrol as much as he likes. There are several sub-stories to be completed at this time, but once those are through players may find themselves wanting to level up Trunks. By this point, many players have the Z Warriors from the main game maxed out at level 300, so why not add this version of Future Trunks to the list as well? Unfortunately, it is a little more difficult to do.

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  How to level grind for Trunks DLC 3

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  In the main game of?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, players without any of the DLC can use the Bonyu training room mission to grind experience. It will take a long time, but reaching level 300 can be done in this manner. With DLC 1 and DLC 2, players can also choose to train with Whis in order to level up, but this option isn’t available to Future Trunks.

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  Instead of the aforementioned methods, there are two primary ways that players will want to use when grinding for experience for Trunks. The first is the most straightforward and probably the most efficient, but it can also be somewhat challenging. In Future Bulma’s version of the training room, players can face off against mighty foes once again, this time at a much higher level. Fighting the strongest opponent available is the best way to get the most amount of experience, but players will need to be confident in their abilities. If done correctly, players can get 9.4 million experience every time.


  Dragon Ball Super Trunks VS Dabura

  Alternatively, players might opt to use the time machine instead for some easier, albeit less efficient, experience. The final fight of the story against Dabura isn’t terribly difficult since Trunks has Super Saiyan 2 for this fight and is in a permanent state of Surge. Once players level up a bit, they’ll be able to one shot Dabura without any difficulty. Despite his relatively low level, this does reward a nice amount of experience. If done correctly, players can earn 5.4 million experience after each fight. There are a lot of loading screens between each battle, however.

  In order to maximize the rate at which Trunks levels up, there are two very important things to do. First, always be sure to have a Mega Mass Lv 5 active, as this provides a nice 50% boost to experience. Players get several of these for every time they fight in the Training Room at level 55 or higher, so supply shouldn’t be an issue. Finally, make sure to have the Training Community Board maxed out for an additional 100% boost to experience.


  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and releases on September 24th for Switch.

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