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  Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has a stacked roster, and it can be difficult to pick a team. These five characters will stand out in any situation.

  By Ryan Serrano

  Published Jan 04, 2021



  Continuing the trend started in the classic Marvel Ultimate Alliance game,?Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is full of playable heroes and villains.?As players prepare to navigate the treacherous battle with Thanos and the Black Order, they’ll find themselves with more characters to use than they know what to do with.

  Every character has their own unique stats and abilities and choosing the character that best suits your playstyle can make all of the difference. These five, however, sit at the top of the list in terms of pure utility.

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  The King of Wakanda can really use his claws. Panther Claw makes T’Challa leap towards an enemy so he can attack them. No matter where the enemies are, he will find them. The skill makes him one of the easiest damage dealers to use.

  Vibranium Slash is another harmful attack for bosses, but it can also cause their stagger gauge to drop quickly. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gives the attack an all-powerful A rating for its stagger.

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  The Guardians of the Galaxy leader can dance with the best of them, and he is one of the few characters that can synergize by himself. Star-Lord uses his elemental blasters to create a whirlwind with Easy Breezy. Use any one of his other skills after and watch the twister change.


  After Star-Lord uses one of his elemental abilities, it grants his team elemental buffs for a short time. Any character with the Elemental Charge trait will gain fire, shock, or ice based on what Star-Lord is doing, which means stacked damage.

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  Another born leader, Cyclops, is both easy to use and incredibly powerful. Many gamers may have realized that holding down his Optic Blast attack will melt away health bars. The game gives this move an F rating for Damage, but it’s not so much about the damage. The skill’s EP Use is a B, which means that it drains his Energy points slowly. Hold down the attack and use the left thumbstick to dodge around your enemies and watch them all take the blasts.


  Additionally, locking onto to bosses and powerful enemies will cause Cyclops to face them while using Optic Blast continually.

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  Logan is still?the best at what he does is?in?Ultimate Alliance 3, thanks to?his high damaging, continuous and staggering attacks. His attacks, along with his healing factor, make him a great asset to the team. This makes him extremely versatile offensively and defensively.

  Wolverine is also gifted with the Elemental Charge trait mentioned earlier, which means more ways to add to his build. If that isn’t enough, he has been apart of ten different teams including, the X-Men, Avengers and the Fantastic Four. He is easily the most popular character in the Marvel universe.


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  The mighty Phoenix will always rise again. Jean Grey came later than most of the characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but she has changed the game for the better. Throwing Phoenix on any team is a good idea. Her skill, Cleansing Flames, drops a fiery rift on the ground doing damage over time to enemies while giving her allies energy points. This translates to an infinite supply of ability attacks for the entire squad.

  Unlimited EP can be helpful, yes, but Phoenix can revive herself and her teammates. When players use her Extreme Attack, she picks up downed allies and stores an auto revive for herself. Doing this will still cost revive tokens.


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