[EARTH DEFENSE FORCE]Earth Defense Force 6 Will Add Playable Fencer and Air Raider

  D3 Publisher revealed that Fencer and Air Raider will return in Earth Defense Force 6 as playable soldier classes. They will join the previously-announced Ranger and Wing Diver in the roster. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

  The Fencer is a fully packed class that comes with all kinds of heavy equipment. The specially-made exoskeleton named Powered Skeleton lets them carry a Gatling gun and a shield at the same time. They can also swap the weapon with the signature Blasthole Spear.

  Earth Defense Force 6 - Fencer attackingEarth Defense Force 6 - Fencer attacking Earth Defense Force 6 Fencer - Blasthole SpearEarth Defense Force 6 Fencer - Blasthole Spear EDF6 - Fencer barrageEDF6 - Fencer barrage

  The unique Air Raider will also be available in Earth Defense Force 6. In prior wars, the class had a perk that allowed them to coordinate airstrikes and artillery fire while walking with other soldiers. However, the massive war in?the prequel?Earth Defense Force 5 had depleted a huge majority of the force’s combat assets.

  The current screenshots show how the Air Raider can still move on the ground while carrying special luggage and fight enemies with the Limpet Gun. D3 Publisher will reveal the full extent of the class’s capability at a later time.

  Earth Defense Force 6 - Air RaiderEarth Defense Force 6 - Air Raider Earth Defense Force 6 - Air Raider runningEarth Defense Force 6 - Air Raider running EDF6 Air Raider wielding bazookaEDF6 Air Raider wielding bazooka EDF6 Air Raider attackingEDF6 Air Raider attacking

  D3 Publisher will also start running monthly live streams to regularly deliver new information on Earth Defense Force 6. The inaugural stream is set to broadcast on June 25, 2021, at 21:00 JST (8 AM ET). It will also cover?Earth Defense Force 2 for Nintendo Switch, which is slated for release in Japan on July 15, 2021.

  D3 Publisher and Sandlot are currently working on?Earth Defense Force 6, and it has a release window around the end of 2021.