[lake martin rentals]Stark County real estate transfers May 22-28


  Bencze Brett R & Yako Amanda M from Scott Jonathan J & Linda A, 2051 Crestwood St, $215,000.?

  DG Mer-Car Corporation from DG Alliance Associates LLC, 430 S Union Ave, $567,000.?

  Erwin Alek from Lucas Kevin D & Holly N, 680 MC Grath St, $69,000.?

  Hill Darren M & Kara R from Snodgrass Sandra, 808 E College St, $50,600.?

  Hoops Donald & Dawn from Higginbotham Roger & Judy, 1005 Reed St, $33,500.?

  JLX LLC from Greater Alliance Development Corporation, 1010 N Union Ave, $11,042.?

  JLX LLC from Greater Alliance Development Corporation, parcel 109376 Union Ave N, $11,042.?

  Malmsberry Nathen J & Hannah R from Sands Rentals LLC, 1608 S Freedom Ave, $68,000.?

  Reeves Fredrick A & Anna Mae from Shah Kalpana M & Madhukar A, 2435 Parwich Cir, $159,000.?

  Stutler Jordan J & Sierra N from Shanks Freda, 1045 Fairfield Rd, $78,000.?

  Szekely Michael D from Goodman Kirk D & Barbara S, 2317 Burton Ave, $176,000.?

  Warner Kenneth A & Carolyn S from Robb Wyatt W, 345 Maplewood Dr, $189,900.?

  Bethlehem Township

  Hershberger Dannie E & Lovina D from Reicosky Joseph A, parcel 1102341 Dolphin St SW, $212,200.?

  Spicocchi Karen & Samuel from Newell James T & Pamela S, 228 C St Nav Vil, $72,000.?

  Umh Rentals LLC from Merreot Nancy L & Pyle Aaron J, 6892 Hillside Dr SW #341, $39,900.?

  Canal Fulton

  Dakters Gregory J from Fulton Landings Development LLC, 343 Alissa LN, $319,900.?

  Donnenwirth Robert A II & Angela M from Donnenwirth Robert Allen Aka Robert A Ak, 328 S Canal St, $88,814.?

  Powell Carrie K S from Stalnaker Rodney Alan, 232 Locust St S, $150,000.?

  Sette Jessica A from Smith Barbara A, 324 Market St E, $147,000.?


  Baker Dell from Maniscola Michael A & Gammel Jamie M, 508 Sayler PL SW, $12,600.?

  Baker Dell from Stark Property Rental Department, 1443 Garfield Ave SW, $10,500.?

  Bright Lisa B from Ispas Elena, 1547 48th St NW, $182,100.?

  Bueno Emil J & Connie S Co-Ttees from Cugini Cynthia & Terry L, 223 Linwood Ave NW, $95,000.?

  Butera Timothy I & Beymer Payton A from Schank Jeffery T & Sandra v, 4810 Leigh Ave NW, $204,000.?

  Caley Andrew C from Shrum Michael J & Tammi Mackey, 2613 Ivanhoe Ave NW, $114,290.?

  Carter Frank R Jr & Kelly R from Flanagan Penny, 1609 Ferndale Rd NW, $72,000.?

  Coleman Jamie M from Weaver Jessica M, 1516 25th St NW, $95,000.?

  Collins Anthony R from Gotto Scott D & Natasha S, 1434 43rd St NW, $118,000.?

  Cresco Holdings LLC from Prime Cardinal Solutions LLC, 816 Oby PL NW, $28,500.?

  CRS Capital LLC from Rent to Own Leasingco Inc, 918 19th St NE, $52,000.?

  Cugini Terry L & Cynthia F from Flynn Karen C, 2663 Beverly Ave NE, $100,500.?

  D Baker Properties LLC from Elfvin Gustavius E, 1500 Garfield Ave SW, $14,900.?

  Dilley Nathaniel Scott & Willaim Joseph from Sullivan Twinkle Aka Twinkle E, 354 Montrose Ave NW, $180,000.?

  Edwards Devon Jermane from Edwards Dasielle K Jr, 2336 Indiana Way NE, $25,000.?

  Faheem Ahmad A from Huddleston Richard Jr, 2325 Georgetown Rd NE, $79,000.?

  Fame City Properties LLC from Husky Homes LLC, 1468 Shriver Ave NE, $21,000.?

  Fite Scott B & Teresa from Nauer Douglas J & Phyllis D, 607 Dueber Ave SW, $18,500.?

  Fix Pads Holdings LLC from Kaja Holdings 2 LLC, 1518 Ohio Ave NE, $41,600.?

  Fix Pads Holdings LLC from RVFM 13 Series LLC, 1111 5th St NW, $29,600.?

  Hallak Muhannad Osama from Jones Hattie, 1445 Gonder Ave SE, $36,300.?

  Haslam Robert W Jr & John W Sr from Johnson Robert E, 1415 7th St NW, $65,000.?

  Hatchett Juavonna N & Violet v from Long Scott L & Janet L, 161 Harter Ave NW, $160,000.?

  Hitchcock Isaiah N & Jones Alixsis from Stratton Ottis C & Ruth E Co Trustees, 2339 22nd St NE, $101,000.?

  Howard Randall & Marcie from Fericean John & Cristina, 3308 Harmont Ave NE, $64,470.?

  Kirkpatrick Laura A from Kirkpatrick Christina J & Mayberry Lisa, 613 Park Ave SW, $30,500.?

  Lopez Angel Perez from Ramos Diego, 1621 17th St NE, $26,500.?

  Mendoza Rodriguez Kara & Ornin Alexander from Klett Vicki L, 3724 Edgefield Ave NW, $121,000.?

  Nelson Katie D from Jeter Christopher & CJ Convenience, 709 Fulton Rd NW, $42,500.?

  Ohio Legacy Rentals LLC from A & J Stark Investments LLC, 1260 Homewood Ave SW, $32,000.?

  Oney Larry J Jr & Angela from Edwards Allen M & Crissy A, 1226 Logan Ave NW, $51,000.?

  Paraduxx Holdings LLC from Miles Marshall D & Mingo-Miles Robin, 1827 14th St SE, $24,000.?

  Paraduxx Holdings LLC from Swonger Raymond E & Victor E Co-TTEE/KNL, 1538 Plain Ave NE, $52,000.?

  Parsons William & Pamela from Falkner Shelva J, 5136 Schuller Dr NE, $269,900.?

  Pettis Leland from Pettis Leland & Currence Kylee, 306 16th St NE, $17,000.?

  Said Mohammed M Sr from Bowling Cody A & Catherine G, 916 37th St NW, $174,500.?

  SC&J Properties LLC from Wickemeyer James C, 2010 Fremont PL SW, $40,000.?

  Scheetz Thomas from Scheetz Michael G, 1224 Spring Ave NE, $28,700.?

  Semgen Holdings LLC from Smoot Michael J, 927 Greenfield Ave SW, $39,000.?

  Slaughter Nequaiah & Credale from Ashley Geary & Genevieve, 3119 11th St SW, $72,000.?

  Smith Nathan & Hux Sydney from Berry Brandy C, 2634 Kirby Ave NE, $77,500.?

  Trammell Tyler R from Kasler Tara D, 1136 Broad Ave NW, $87,500.?

  Twenty 15 LLC from Smith Jay D, 2903 5th St NW, $48,000.?

  Underwood Emily from Reliance Property Management LLC, 1716 Gibbs Ave NE, $61,000.?

  Vianney Holdings LLC from Mccreery Nathan C, 1135 16th St NW, $54,750.?

  Yoho Brenda from Mcdew Sr Corey, 725 Union Ave SW, $13,500.?

  York Ryan D from Dewey Michael S, 1325 18th St NE, $49,500.?

  Canton Township

  Allatzas Mark A & Kristen A from Brahler S. Lynne & Brison Laura J, 3043 Helen PL NW, $80,000.?

  Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana C from Spurrier Alejandra G, 1441 Harbor Dr NW, $182,500.?

  Burson Albert R Jr & Reed Faith R from Carpenter Delma R, 4114 Monica Ave SW, $146,900.?

  Feller Tyler & Walter Brittni from Struhar Ian, 3025 Patton PL NW, $117,500.?

  Harvey-Ritchie Adrienne E from Horner James F & Love Lisa A &, 4525 Springvale Ave SW, $207,000.?

  Heidenreich Kathy from Swegheimer Derek H & Holly S, 1102 Terrace Ave NW, $140,000.?

  Hill Karli & Soliday Seth from Gettig Martin E, 1581 Pekin Dr SE Lot #24, $1,600.?

  JBSM Investments LLC from Schmidt Randy A Sr & Jackie M, 4147 Georgetown Rd NE, $49,000.?

  JBSM Investments LLC from Schmidt Randy A Sr & Jackie M, parcel 1305113 Georgetown St NE, $49,000.?

  Kauffman Erik from Smishko George & Joani M, 3318 Chagrin Ave SW, $156,250.?

  Patriot Development Company Ltd from Ohio Power Company, parcel 10013747 Waynesburg Dr SE, $23,730.?

  Pitinii Frederick M from Keybank National Association, 408 Poplar Ave NW, $73,000.?

  Smith Justin Lee & Janel Randi from Dyer Charles Joseph, 5319 Derby Cir SE, $205,000.?

  Zamilski Edward from Kerns James E, 3196 Mariner’s Island Dr, $157,000.?

  Jackson Township

  Beard Michael E & Stacey J from Bennett Donald J & Jean M, 7657 Bermuda St NW, $150,000.?

  Beard Michael E & Stacey J from Bennett Donald J & Jean M, 8067 Daytona St NW, $150,000.?

  Bertram April from Perry David & Diane L, 3841 Saltmarsh Cir NW, $225,925.?

  Connelly Sean & Marissa Hollinger from Ramold Gerald C Jr & Carrie A, 6199 Isley Rd NW, $589,900.?

  Cooper Eric & Gorin Jennifer from Spidell Sandra S, 8040 Oakdale St NW, $155,000.?

  Cronick Susan K Ttee from Gramoy Victor G Jr & Brenda K Trustees O, 5710 N Island Dr NW, $1,330,000.?

  Cutcher Craig E from Cheng Chiu Hong, 6292 Youngdale Ave NW, $150,000.?

  Drew Thomas & Kristin from Campanelli John M, 5151 Bundoran St NW, $205,000.?

  Fernandez Marc Mas from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Hugh, 7580 Peyton St NW, $153,000.?

  Ferrante Anthony T & Debra Lynn from Rohrer Carole, 8711 Dublin Ridge Cir NW, $156,750.?

  Fisk George E & Kristin M from Graham Curtis R & Carol, 3071 Blue Ash Ave NW, $498,000.?

  Ghazali Kareem Hamed & Tong Jennifer from Stackhouse Gary S, 9672 Strausser St NW, $243,000.?

  Hartzell Mark & Denise from Kuntz Joseph R & Sandra L Co Trustees, 8866 Serenity Dr NW, $555,000.?

  J229:11 LLC from Cross Timberlands LLC, parcel 10014043 Strausser St NW, $800,000.?

  Jarvis Alexander Carlyle & Allison Marie from James P Gesiotto and Sherri L Gesiotto T, 8229 Oxford Chase Cir NW, $1,195,000.?

  Mathis James E & Chapman Michael R from Gramoy Lisa M, 7412 Greenview Ave NW, $91,500.?

  Miller Michael P from Halverson Steven B & Rose L Halverson, 4555 Millheim Cir NW, $398,500.?

  Rana Properties LLC from Tomich Darlene, 6517 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $310,000.?

  Ressler Harold Jr & Wanda from Pfabe Dennis & Thoy, 9467 Emerald Isle St NW, $119,000.?

  Roebuck James A & Patricia L from Vlahos Stephanie, 5421 Villa Padova Dr NW, $251,900.?

  Schroer Properties of Nobles Pond Inc from Schroer Properties of Nobles Pond Inc, 7006 Fulton Dr NW, $90,000.?

  Smith Adam A & Katrina N from Armentano Daniel & Michele C, 4195 Bryce Cir NW, $250,000.?

  Spencer Holdings LLC from Young Patricia A, 6180 Island Dr NW, $210,000.?

  Storm Damage Guru LLC from Burtt Joan L, 2885 Erie Ave NW, $62,700.?

  Taylor Christopher L from Flanigan Raymond C & Terri L, 5833 Fulton Dr NW, $570,000.?

  Vista Surgical Center LLC from Eyes on Stark Real Estate LLC, 4319 Executive Cir NW, $3,535,650.?

  Lake Township

  Boatfield Rodney F & Julie from Frye Jeffrey M & Christy A, 10733 Newbury Ave NW, $286,000.?

  Coblentz Paul J & Diana J from Babik Richard P & Cecelia K TTES/RICHARD, 8600 Cleveland Ave NW, $350,000.?

  Cockrell Theresa M from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2488 Serravalle St NW, $3,390.?

  Codispoti Bailey James from Cunningham Jonathan D & Boca Wendy S, 11541 Peach Glen Ave NW, $226,000.?

  Dewalt Patricia A Ttee from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2410 Serravalle St NW, $2,750.?

  Geisomino Eric P & Melissa from Armbruster Andrew & Alyson, 12241 Titano Cir NW, $389,900.?

  Gonzalez Francisco Ortiz & De Ortiz from Diffenderfer Bryce & Heather, 780 Northampton St NE, $420,000.?

  Hernandez Martha Cristina Sus & from Ponce Pedro Sanchez & Nava Mayra Karina, 3250 Suffolk St NW, $330,000.?

  Hill Gary A from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2458 Serravalle St NW, $3,400.?

  Jre Homes LLC from Grubish Lawrence A, 11751 Geib Ave NE, $172,000.?

  Mash Steven from Conrad Norman C III & Susan J, 8493 Deacon Ave NW, $465,500.?

  Masters Kathryn from Kalkreuth Lorraine v, 9404 Huntshire Ave NW, $240,000.?

  Matte Nicholas J & Angela from Mcnulty Brenton S & Cailtlin T, 202 Prospect Ave N, $228,000.?

  Miller Howard R Jr & Marsha from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2440 Serravalle St NW, $2,760.?

  Miller Stacy & Stamps Joshua R from Fuller Christopher R & Amanda R, 8290 Willowhurst Cir NW, $232,000.?

  Pascu Scott Charles & Amy Renee from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2424 Serravalle St NW, $2,750.?

  Sams Kayla L & Matthew D from Parnell Michael E & Nina A, 13151 Williamsburg Ave NW, $255,000.?

  Schaack Kevin W & Ronni L from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2396 Serravalle St NW, $2,750.?

  Schindel Jospeh R & Emily E from Walters Jill M, 11162 Newbury Ave NW, $270,000.?

  Visuet Enrique Maya & Morales Malagon from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2474 Serravalle St NW, $3,100.?

  Lawrence Township

  Brady Cory A & Faith M from Lewis William K & Lori J, 14089 Marshallville St NW, $325,000.?

  Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, 4853 Penbrook St, $2,300,000.?

  Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, parcel 2400161 Manchester Ave NW, $2,300,000.?

  Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, parcel 2400163 Penbrook Ave NW, $2,300,000.?

  Snyder Christopher J & Heidi & Leslie A from GBR Company Ltd, parcel 2617641 Akron Ave NW, $125,000.?

  Lexington Township

  Harrison Tammy Lynn & Ricky Allen from Morrison Marilee A, 11581 Salina Ave NE, $120,000.?

  JPW Rentals LLC from Birr Donald T, 11430 Rockhill Ave NE, $18,500.?

  Oneill Brenda from Oneill Brenda & Jack, 11721 Johnson Ave NE, $38,000.?


  Arick Kellan T from Elmerick Steven D & Paula S, 1675 California Ave, $164,000.?

  Boldon David A from Cook Kathleen J & Tomak J Ted Jr Co-Ttee, 1760 Washington BLVD, $250,000.?

  Mosley Arnold & Charlotte from Jencar Developers Inc, parcel 3605809 W Chester Dr, $27,000.?

  Sypolt Charles & Jane from Zelei Irmajane, 1218 Presidents St, $251,000.?

  Weber Jeffrey C & Shannon from Baade Joshua S, 2021 Ashbrook St, $230,000.?

  Marlboro Township

  Abbott Jeremy from Unkefer Carla K, 8100 Alberta Beach St NE, $225,000.?

  Davis Ethan Jacob & Ryleah Noel from Hall Caleb R & Micah M, 9095 St Peters Church Rd, $225,000.?

  Gonzalez Jose Jr & Kelley E from Gingerich Aaron P & Kimberlee R, 6111 Tyro St, $230,000.?


  Blile Steven C from Mosci LLC, 635 Tremont Ave SW, $71,000.?

  Bradley Mark from Tersigni Jon A & Kimberly M, 364 Hamilton Ave NE, $170,000.?

  Burton Benjamin William & Hunter Marie from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 4525 Brightleaf Ave NW, $224,985.?

  Cain Robert Earl & Tracey from Bailey Steven L & Barbara M, 725 8th St SW, $148,000.?

  Fraelich Jeremy M from Kandle Myma J Ttee, 322 23rd St NW, $120,000.?

  Gorss Victoria Marie & from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 4547 Brightleaf Ave NW, $218,865.?

  Jones Steven from Hoskinson Tim D, 706 Neale Ave SW, $80,000.?

  Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1630 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500.?

  Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1700 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500.?

  Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1720 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500.?

  Miller Aaron D from Moll Frank J VI, 3590 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $231,700.?

  Noggle Jeff & Karen from Page Bill & Michele, 1930 Augusta Dr SE, $380,000.?

  Paumier Steve & Jessica from Ziegelhofer Michaeld & Suzanne L, 936 32nd St NW, $70,000.?

  Rambold Gerald C Trustee from Bryant Jeffrey S & Maria E, 1050 Roosevelt St NE, $155,000.?

  Riter Courtney from Fogle Jimmie R II, 2639 Lincoln Way W, $120,000.?

  Shriver Andrew D & Tami M from Robinson Frederick G & Judith A, 1327 Meadowbrook Rd SW, $208,000.?

  Snyder Katie from Pachmayer Al & Patricia, 817 Wales Rd NE, $120,000.?

  Snyder Katie from Pachmayer Al & Patricia, parcel 615465 Roslyn Ave NE, $120,000.?

  Spicer Bruce & Mackin Nicole from Weaver David A, 1286 Pebble Chase Cir NE, $165,000.?

  Stiltner David W & Megan N from Oaks Steven, 1472 Woodforest St NW, $250,000.?

  Sturm Timothy J & Catherine from Harriss Karen A, 1125 11th St NE, $75,000.?

  Sullivan Erin Rae from Ehret Mary & James, 630 Sandy Ave NE, $186,500.?

  Tschantz James M & Allen Lynn A from Sober Marc S, 1827 Wales Rd NE, $330,200.?

  Vest Weis Properties LLC from Ruby 20 LLC, 3254 Ruby Ave NW, $987,500.?

  Waynick Justin Mitchell & Molly from Griswold Gary H & Maureen E, 4942 Sippo Reserves Dr NW, $315,000.?

  Nimishillen Township

  K&K 230 Enterprises LLC from Rca Investments Ltd, 4175 Fargo Ave, $189,200.?

  K&K 230 Enterprises LLC from Rca Investments Ltd, 6147 Louisville St, $189,200.?

  Martin Gary Alan & Breanna Kaye from Wright Kirk M, 9067 Scott St, $160,000.?

  Simpson William T & Cheryl M from Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana Carol, 5874 Rosedale St, $185,000.?

  Simpson William T & Cheryl M from Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana Carol, parcel 3305049 Rosedale St NE, $185,000.?

  Wilds Jacob E from Fuerst David, 6410 Westmore St NE, $186,500.?

  Wright Christopher Dean & from Rishel George S & Hanh T, 6470 Pilot Knob Ave, $287,500.?

  North Canton

  915 Chapel LLC from Guest Camilla A Trustee of the Camilla A, 302 Sheraton Dr NW, $105,000.?

  Aublyn Real Estate from Walker Dustin, 622 Viking St NW, $115,000.?

  Briceland Colby & Carver Erin from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 418 Everhard Rd SW, $293,000.?

  Cohen Maecy L from Leonhard Michael J & Sarah P, 234 Glenwood St SW, $152,000.?

  Dugan Aaron M from Carl Brandon S & Marissa, 106 Everhard Rd SW, $275,000.?

  Finley Erika R & Justin R from Bartholomew James E Pamela D, 733 W Maple St, $170,000.?

  Hennessy Leslie & Dustin P from Robertson Charles, 1619 Sperry LN SE, $460,000.?

  Jensen Jeffrey P from Shaheen Christopher G, 1604 Harmony LN SW, $227,000.?

  Martin 3 LLC from Froebel Roland K, 301 Lindy Lane Ave SW, $149,600.?

  Mizener Aaron J & Rachel A from 1st Light Properties LLC, 1212 Sunford Ave SE, $115,000.?

  Nuth Robert F & Victoria I Co-Trustees from Bradshaw Anthony L & Blair Julia A Ttees, 1571 Cambridge Ave SW, $155,000.?

  Spurrier Alejandra Gabriela from Reink Susan K, 1470 Wilkshire Cir SW, $229,000.?

  the North Canton Library Association from Magyar Bradley D & Sadie, parcel 9203127 Portage St NW, $180,000.?

  the North Canton Library Association from Magyar Bradly D & Sadie, 317 Portage St NW, $180,000.?

  Watts Karen L from Watts John S, 606 Witwer St NE, $105,000.?

  Osnaburg Township

  Baade Joshua S from Smith Jonathan R & Jayme A, 5949 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $270,000.?

  Harper David Craig & Jennifer Susan from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, 6071 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $319,525.?

  Paris Township

  Peck L Jessica from Watkins Mikki Lynn, 14000 Lincoln St SE #24, $6,200.?

  Perry Township

  A List Land Development LLC from Ramold Gerald C Sr & Ramold Gerald C Jr, parcel 10014105 Richville Dr SW, $539,000.?

  A List Land Development LLC from Ramold Gerald C Sr & Ramold Gerald C Jr, parcel 4301820 Southway St SW, $539,000.?

  BGK Enterprises LLC from Kennedy Michael L &Natalie, 6233 Richville Dr SW, $115,000.?

  BGK Enterprises LLC from Kennedy Michael L &Natalie, 8248 Navarre Rd SW, $165,000.?

  Brabson Tyler A & Stevens Renee M from Korpi Frederick P & Jessica R, 4650 Aurora St NW, $180,000.?

  Bristow Max S from Saylor Kyle T & Ashleigh D, 4110 Richville Dr SW, $89,000.?

  Burns Pamela K from Kovarik Barbara A, 619 Charldon Ave SW, $176,900.?

  Dodge Gary Lee Jr & Ashley Kay from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6960 Gauntlet St SW, $244,280.?

  Douglass Macy D & Jason P from Larch Harley B Jr &Carla J, 5730 Darletta St SW, $245,000.?

  Drake Melissa A & Charlie from Hill Kay E & Kevin K, 6500 Navarre Rd SW, $132,000.?

  Eminger Douglas & Constance from All About Homes LLC, 4124 Meadowlawn Ave SW, $185,000.?

  Gower Joshua & Ashley from Stark Michael T, 4107 Knolls Ave SW, $179,900.?

  Hawks Shannon M from Ohio Restoration Solutions, 208 Austin Ave NW, $133,910.?

  Heidal Anthony A from Bolam Alice M Aka Alice E Bolam, 6230 Dodge Rd SW, $165,000.?

  Laney Charles J Ttee from Barnes Anna, 2524 Nottingham St NW, $183,600.?

  Leo Barker Property Management LLC from Britton Robert A, 304 Kolpwood Ave NW, $60,000.?

  MKM-MN Land Management LLC from Vmac Holdings LLC, 4815 Tuscarawas St W, $650,000.?

  Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC, 522 Proudley Ave SW, $137,913.?

  Morrison Brandy M & Stuart from Wuchnick Douglas M & Josie M/TRUSTEES of, 4923 Quincy St NW, $172,000.?

  NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Dehoff Agency Inc, parcel 10013290 Lavenham Rd SW, $60,000.?

  NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from R L Deville Holdings Ltd, 6897 Gauntlet St SW, $47,895.?

  Oshell Andrew & Andrea from Vance Alexis S, 241 Mohawk Ave NW, $181,000.?

  Pitman Robert from Humble Jimmie E Trustee / Cornelia R H, 2571 Barnstone Ave SW, $180,000.?

  Sauls Steven Wiser & Aimee Carlin from Kress Stephen H & Deborah A, 3512 Crownpoint St NW, $211,000.?

  Sebastian Wilsy & Joseph from Harmon Jason & Danielle, 1655 Bramblebush St NW, $315,000.?

  Slider Scott A & Tonskey Emily from Dietry Eric & Abigail J, 974 Brockton Ave NW, $271,000.?

  Sutherland Denise A from Hawn Eric M, 4915 Monticello Ave NW, $260,000.?

  Warth Michael J from Schmidt George E Jr, 321 Elmford Ave SW, $95,000.?

  Pike Township

  Barton Zachary S & Hannah B from Mosberger Paul R & Kelly J, 8240 Ridge Ave SE, $195,000.?

  Dramer Emily C & David K from Lasure William R & Linda L, 8778 Maplehurst Ave SE, $43,000.?

  Kinsey David from Chumney Steven E, 3500 Gracemont St SW, $20,000.?

  Kohlhaas Kyle & Christie J from Sayre Gary A Jr & Christine M, 2500 Haut St SW, $520,000.?

  Saunier Blake from Canton Mobile Home Trailer Park Ltd, 3000 Center Dr SW, $25,000.?

  Plain Township

  Capeta Enterprises Ltd from Wesie Peggy, 6525 Blossomwood Cir NE, $100,000.?

  Chance Robert D & Anne M from Ruby Linda D, 4200 Tannybrooke LN NW #14B, $129,000.?

  Evey Eric J & Elise J from Krebs Brian T & Cassandra W, 2886 Limington St NW, $265,000.?

  Hawker Rebecca L from Johnstone Dennis K, 2313 Cathy Dr NE, $64,000.?

  Mashburn James D from Runser Nathan S, 4 Pinetree Ave NE, $143,000.?

  Mashburn James D from Runser Nathan S, 6795 Pinetree Ave NE, $143,000.?

  Metzger Arthur Joseph II & Emily from Utley Denise, 3210 Huntcliffe Rd NE, $399,000.?

  Miller Cody & Robyn from Griffin Edward L & Gail D, 7829 Chatham Ave NW, $255,107.?

  Milray Ian from MT Eaton Enterprises LLC, 4025 Cleveland Ave NW, $135,000.?

  Miner Kelly Jo from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, 1103 Fountain View St NE, $285,030.?

  Miraglia Crystal from One Richmond Avenuecompany LLC, parcel 10011748 Will St NE, $118,000.?

  Nero Matthew from Nero David A, 2509 Lakeside Ave NW, $150,000.?

  Niewiadomski Edward P & Beth A from SRS Group LLC, 8124 Blue Spruce Cir NW, $75,000.?

  NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, parcel 10013250 Stonegate Cir NE, $68,000.?

  NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1240 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.?

  Portobello Properties LLC from Brown James W & Mary E, 2814 Midvale Rd NW, $150,000.?

  Rea Building Corporation from Pollard William J III & Susan E Co-Ttees, 8158 Blue Spruce Cir NW, $80,000.?

  Spehar Carl J & Heather J from Ebert Jeffery A & Kristin, parcel 5217251 Werner Church Rd NE, $71,000.?

  Studer Seth from Owen Chad M, 4515 Lindford Ave NE, $190,000.?

  Tenney James C from Common Julie A, 3225 Beverly Ave NE, $145,050.?

  Young Chelsea Amanda & Michael Adam from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 7240 Pinetree Ave NE, $310,430.?

  Zamilski Edward from Kerns James E, parcel 6000318 Mariner’s Island Dr, $157,000.?

  Sandy Township

  Bates Don A & Lisa M from Yukich Josephine, 190 Lynnwood Dr, $164,900.?

  Petro John G & Amy C from Diebold Fredrick W & Diane S, 730 Minerva Rd, $375,000.?

  Sugarcreek Township

  Miller Willis I & Alisha from Miller Adam D, 404 Main St W, $134,000.?

  MT Homes of Ohio LLC from the Apple Creek Banking Company, 101 Main St W, $85,000.?

  Yoder Ronnie from Agri Soils Ltd, parcel 6703035 Sandusky Dr SW, $145,000.?

  Tuscarawas Township

  Cooper Brian E & Ferrick Erin C from William Bradley R & Brian R & Price, 11917 Moffit St SW, $144,000.?

  Ferrell Derek Edward & Rachel Lynn from Huffman Jeffery D &Karen M, 1009 Miami Ave NW, $200,000.?

  Ferrell Derek Edward & Rachel Lynn from Huffman Jeffery D &Karen M, parcel 7400770 Delmont Ave NW, $200,000.?

  Forester James L from Sewell William D & Dorie S, 11905 Moffit St SW, $139,000.?

  Hartman Paula J from Rink Kimberly L, 13095 Cloverleaf St NW, $164,000.?

  Washington Township

  Johnston Robert J & Maciag Kelsey A from Bauman Christopher M & Rebekah M, 13955 Louisville St NE, $142,750.