[uplay hyperscape]Ubisoft’s The Division: Heartland Gameplay Footage Leaks Online

  Gameplay footage for Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play shooter The Division: Heartland leaks online and hints at a familiar yet fresh experience.

  By Brad Lang

  Published May 18, 2021



  Gameplay footage of?Tom Clancy’s?The Division: Heartland?leaked online following a closed test held by publisher Ubisoft over the weekend.

  According to VG247, the now-removed footage showed off a game that will look very familiar to fans of The Division: a third-person cover shooter but with a deeper focus on survival. Set in Silver Lake, the slice of footage showed off a familiar routine of shooting enemies while hiding behind cover and collecting valuable loot after encounters. Movement is apparently faster, and players will need to take extra steps to survive within the hostile environment. One of the tutorial tips spotted by players recommends packing an appropriate amount of “filters.” This could be referring to gas mask filters. The leaked footage also showed off a hub area, much like the previous two installments in the franchise. Within these areas, players will be able to socialize with one another, buy and sell loot and talk with NPCs, most likely to accept new quests and advance the main campaign.

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  The videos are all covered with a unique watermark code so Ubisoft can track who exactly leaked the gameplay footage.

  Announced on May 6, Heartland is Ubisoft’s venture at turning the modern-military looter-shooter into a free-to-play game. Little was revealed of the project beyond the fact that interested players could sign up to participate in a closed test build of the game with the intention of providing feedback to improve the experience.

  Beyond the initial leaked video, further footage of the game was posted to Twitter by user @SkyLeaks. Within this brief clip, game director Taylor Epperly introduces the testing players to the game and confirms that The Division: Heartland will feature two game modes: a PvE co-op mode and a large-scale 45 player PvEvP mode called “Storm.”

  Spliced together with Epperly’s introductory speech is further footage of The Division: Heartland. While grainy, much of the game’s UI and movement look very similar to previous games. At the time of writing, Twitter has suspended @SkyLeaks’ account and removed the video.

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  The Division: Heartland marks another major push into the free-to-play market by Ubisoft. During a recent earnings call, Ubisoft stated that it is, “building high-end free-to-play games to be trending toward AAA ambitions over the long term.”?During that same earning’s call, Ubisoft confirmed that naval combat game Skull and Bones had been delayed into 2022.

  Ubisoft has already been making moves to capitalize more on the free-to-play market with the release of 2020’s Hyperscape, a battle royale shooter that failed to meet the developer’s high expectations at launch.

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  Source: VG247, gamesindustry.biz


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