[Sea of Thieves]Sea Of Thieves – Trident Of Dark Tides – Location, Stats And How To Use

  Sea Of Thieves has received a major update, titled A Pirate’s Life which marks the beginning of Season 3.

  The new season has brought new quests, rewards, and items to unlock including the Trident Of Dark Tides. So let’s take a closer look at what this item is and where to find it.

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  The Trident Of Dark Tides is not one of those regular weapons that can be found in the Weapon Locker. It can be obtained only via loot just like the Ash and Wind Skull. This is why several players may not be able to find it easily.

  This is why have compiled all the locations where you can find Trident Of Dark Tides:

  Washed up on beachesIn shipwrecksAs a reward for defeating Megalodons, KrakensIn Skeleton Ships or Skeleton Fort VaultsDuring the A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales

  The Trident is a new weapon in Sea Of Thieves Season 3 that can be used against AI or to knock opponents off the wheel, or the canon, or even the ship depending on how well you can aim and use it.

  Since the Trident is not a normal weapon, you will not be able to equip anything else while using and you cannot sprint either unless you drop it.

  This weapon works by shooting bubbles out in a straight line that eventually explodes. There are three different tiers of energy bubbles, each stronger but slower than the previous and they have their own stats.

  Sea of Thieves Trident of dark tides location stats

  To charge up The Trident of Dark Tides hold the fire button down. This will cause the bubble to grow and the longer you charge it, the more powerful it becomes.

  Let’s take a closer look at its three different range of attacks:

  Tier 1: Smallest and fastest energy bubble

  Deals 30 damageYou can take 30 shots approx. before it empties

  Tier 2: Bit slower and bigger bubble than the previous one

  Deals 60 damageRuns out of charge in 15 shots approx

  Tier 3: Slowest but biggest

  Deals 90 damageOnly 10 shots before the Trident is emptied

  Another thing you should know about the Trident of Dark Tides is that has a limited amount of charge and using larger blasts will deplete it faster. Once depleted, it will burst and disappear. Beside this, you cannot be sold to any Vendor in the game for gold or reputation.

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