[Grand Theft Auto III]GTA 4’s Dwayne Or Playboy Choice: All Pros & Cons Explained

  Grand Theft Auto 4 sees Niko Bellic make difficult decisions, with one of the hardest being the choice to assassinate either Dwayne or Playboy X.

  By Mason Teague

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  Dwayne vs Playboy Choice In GTA IV

  Grand Theft Auto 4?follows Niko Bellic’s journey to leave his mark on the crime-ridden fictional?Liberty City.?Along the way, Niko interacts with several supporting characters that aid or foil his criminal activities. Two of these characters are gangsters Dwayne Forge and his former mentor Playboy X,?with players getting the opportunity to choose who should be killed later in the story.

  Prior to the start of?Grand Theft Auto 4,?Dwayne Forge was considered to be one of the wealthiest drug dealers in Liberty City, running a crack cocaine empire that provided him with a steady source of income. During his reign, Dwayne took Playboy under his wing and taught him the rules of the drug business, acting like a father figure to the young man. Dwayne was eventually arrested for his crimes and attempted to run his business from prison, but Playboy ended up assuming control of the drug empire in Dwayne’s absence.

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  Dwayne vs Playboy Choice In GTA IV

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  Niko Bellic’s story in GTA?4?sees Dwayne getting out of prison, with complications arising between himself and Playboy from the start. While Dwayne makes attempts to restore his previous reign as a drug lord with Niko’s help, Playboy wants to maintain control and continue to expand the drug empire he took over into other business ventures. The?former mentor/mentee duo?regularly butt heads throughout the story, culminating in a fateful mission that sees the two men attempt to use Niko to assassinate one another.


  During a?GTA 4?mission called “The Holland Play,” Playboy calls Niko over to his apartment for a meeting and asks him to kill Dwayne. Niko initially refuses to kill Dwayne, but eventually tells Playboy that he will think about it before leaving. Niko soon gets a call from Dwayne, who?asks Niko to kill Playboy after becoming suspicious of Playboy wanting him dead. After taking another phone call with Playboy, the second part of the mission begins and players are allowed to choose whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy.


  If players choose to kill Playboy, they have to go to his apartment and confront him, which leads to Playboy attempting to escape and Niko chasing him into an alley and shooting him. Niko calls Dwayne and admits to him that Playboy wanted his former mentor taken out. As a reward for killing Playboy, Dwayne offers Niko Playboy’s apartment as a safehouse,?with Claude’s outfit from?Grand Theft Auto III?being in the apartment as well. Players also have the potential of making Dwayne a friend by responding in a positive way to an email he sends, opening up the ability to call for backup to help Niko out in combat.


  Making the choice to kill Dwayne sees Niko shoot Dwayne in his apartment, who feels betrayed by Niko after he asked him to take out Playboy for him. Niko then calls Playboy to inform him of Dwayne’s fate, who rewards him with $25,000. The downside of this choice is Niko and Playboy’s relationship disintegrating, with Playboy X later having a change of heart about his mentor’s death and cutting ties with Niko after calling him a “cold-hearted killer.”?Either?choice is a tough decision for players,?adding to the long list of bad choices Niko makes during?GTA?4.

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