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  Art History Professional Cultivation Basic knowledge with Chinese and foreign art history and artistic theory,Can be able to at all levels of cultural departments, art gallery, museums,Composite talents in the newspaper magazine, radio and television, publishing agencies, cultural companies and other units.

  ”Artistic Principles”, “Art Culture”, “Art Psychology”, “Art Education”, “Art Communication”, “China Art”, “Western Art”, “China Art History”, “Asia”Art History “,” Western Art History “

  Wenbo, Art Class: Professional Identification, Art Appreciation, Cultural Art, Art Creation, Art Review; Art College: Art Education; Publishing Unit: Publishing Editor

  This professional student mainly learns the basic theories and basic knowledge of Chinese and foreign artistic history,More comprehensive familiar knowledge of all art door,Master the basic ability of art appreciation and art criticism.

  1.Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of the art discipline;

  2.Familiar with the basic knowledge of each art door class,Master the comprehensive analysis methods and analytical capabilities;

  3.The basic ability of art appreciation and art criticism;

  4.Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of the party and the state on cultural art and cultural industries;

  5.Understand the theoretical frontiers, application prospects, development dynamics and industry needs of the art discipline;

  6.Has certain scientific research and practical work ability,Has a certain critical thinking ability.

  Artistic Theory, Chinese Art History, Foreign Art History.

  Graduation internship in cultural units.

  Graduates can engage in expertise, researchers, teachers, and editing of professionals in Wenbo systems, college entrance examination, art research institutes, publishing houses.

  北京大学、山东艺术学院、山东工艺美术学院、四川音乐学院 [5] 清华大学美术学院、广西艺术学院、内蒙古艺术学院、中央美术学院、中国美术学院、西安美术学院、西安音乐学院、南京艺术学院, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Lu Xun Academy, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang Music Academy.

  Paying is not over anyone’s efforts,It is the only way to achieve dreams of beauty.

  As long as you continue to learn,Sustainable pay,It must be admitted to the goal of the goal.

  If you don’t have enough time and effort,Take the “professional thing to give professional people”

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