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  The PS5 version of Doom Eternal is sure to take the adventure to the next level, but it comes with one major downside that fans didn’t anticipate.

  By Anthony Puleo

  Published 1 day ago


  Doom Eternal PS5 save transfer

  Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of next generation versions of the critically acclaimed?Doom Eternal?for a while now, and it’s finally here. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows like the rest of the game, as it happens to come with one major flaws that many PlayStation fans didn’t see coming. On the bright side, this does only affect players on PS5, meaning Xbox Series X players are safe, but that likely gives no solace to PS5 players that are dealing with it now. Put plainly,?Doom Eternal?on PS5 has no save transfer feature.

  Doom Eternal?was one of the best games to come out of 2020, which was already an amazing year for gaming in and of itself. This is backed up by the numerous nominations at various different game award shows that it received at the end of the year. Now that next generation consoles are finally here, developers have a chance to make it even better.

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  Doom Eternal PS5 save transfer

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  What this means is that players wanting to go through?Doom Eternal?on the PS5 with all of its new upgrades are going to have to start everything over. While this certainly isn’t idea, players could try and find the silver lining that it gives them a reason to play through a phenomenal game again. Bethesda, Sony, and id Software have not made any comments about why this feature is missing from the PS5 version of the game, but fans have some theories of their own.

  Doom Slayer From Doom Eternal

  One popular theory is that the feature wasn’t included thanks to Bethesda’s recent acquisition by?Microsoft, though this seems unlikely. What is more probable is that the issue had something to do with Sony and the PS5 console itself. Other developers have noted that including cross save functionality in their games has been more difficult with the PS5, requiring them to create cloud transfer systems in order to accommodate PS5 save transfers. This very problem can be seen within an interesting nuance of the?Doom Eternal?save file debacle.


  Although campaign data will not be transferrable because it is saved onto the system itself, the players’ online progression will be transferred. This is because that save is linked to the players’ Bethesda.net account rather than the system itself. This is good for players that have spent a lot of time online, but those that love?Doom Eternal?for its single player campaign are out of luck when it comes to transferring their save on PS5.

  Doom Eternal?is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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