[Cobra Kai Iron EAGLE]has a sign of Tire Snake,What is the fastest cobra jet in Ford Muslim?

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  The front of the Ford released the latest wild horsema Cobra Jet model,As the original line, the fastest wild horse model is accelerated.This Cobra Jet is a pure electric version.It seems that it is to pursue the fastest speed.Also admit that electric power is really better than gasoline?but,Any wild drive from the Cobra Jet name is never disappointed.


  (Figure: Electric version of the electric version of Cobra Jet, 2020)

  And this electrical version of professional line accelerator has 1400 horsepower and 1491 Nm torque,Note that this is the performance data of the motor.But it is very powerful,And 04 scores are expected to be within 8 seconds.But feeling,In fact, this car is more like a series of electric models in the future to launch a series of electric models.Look at the past and future,Cobra Jet has been a number of straight line acceleration in the Ford matron system.Is there anything in the past?We can talk.


  (Figure: 2020 electric Cobra Jet,Slide left to see more photos)

  The first model named Cobra Jet was born in 1968,At this time, the muscle truck has entered the stage of the white heat.Muscle cars have gradually expanded from the beginning of the entry-level sports car that started to young people.Performance demand gradually climbed,Several American car big factories at this time are not idle.


  Just like food, don’t eat it.Then use a big bowl to be so simple,If you want to improve performance, it is to increase engine displacement.But the wild horse GT is generally 289 cubic inch 4.7 liter engine,Ford is also a BOSS 302 car specially running track,That is, 4.9 liter engine,Win a lot of good results in the domestic SCCA RV event.And another big American traditional car game is a straight speed race.This traditional event has a longer time and a more vast audience.Ford decided to make a car specially ran straight to accelerate the competition.But not a pure car,To merge daily driving needs,Positioning is very similar to today’s challenger Demon “Devil”.


  (Figure: Cobra Jet in the game)

  If you want to run a straight line acceleration, you need a more powerful heart.Need to find a better engine,So the internal “borrowed” inside the Ford Group.Ford has a very good version of the engine very good,It is 7.0 liter 427 engine,In fact, the Windsor “Windsor” engine,At that time, the naming of the engine was used in the displacement size cubic inches.


  (Figure: Ford 427 Engine from Galaxie “Galaxy” Nasca,Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure: Ford’s 427 Engine)

  This engine is used on the Galaxie “Galaxy” Nasca,Later, it was transplanted to the GT40 Le Mann racing.In 1966, Ford’s Le Mans won the 7 of Bruce McLaren.0 liter GT40 MKII racing,That black line 2 car.But this 427 engine has a stability problem.And the sound is huge,As a race, it is very good,But it is not necessarily available on the road model.In addition,Cobra Cobra 427 like Sherrby,This engine is also used.


  (Figure: Although the 427 engine on the GT40 is very good,But that is the engine as a race,Nature use is not suitable)


  (Figure: COBRA427 is also using this engine)

  Later, Ford found 428 cubic inch engines.The displacement is equivalent to 7.0 lift volume,This engine is also from Fairlane (Filland) and Galaxie (Galaxy).These two cars have a police patrol car version using this engine.Therefore, it is equivalent to every police car in China to test this engine.Stability is guaranteed.But more intriguing is thatOne police patrol car uses so big displacement and horsepower engine,I don’t know what this is for.


  then,The first wild horse Cobra Jet was born in 1968.As for why it is called Cobra Jet,Cobra everyone knows that it is a grateful snake.Although Jet is directly called a jet,But there is also a meaningfulness of speeding speed.But it needs to be referred to,Cobra JET is not a product of Shelby,It is a car that is completely Ford.


  Is there limited, how about friends care?It is estimated that “small” 335 and 450 Nm,But it is actually a small,Almost some 3 today.The side of the 0T model,Also at the time, there were still many cars in the GM Chevrolet and Chrysler.Even the first batch of Shelby GT500 is used in this engine.


  (Figure: There is also an early Sherby GT500) using the 428 engine.

  And there is really a good acceleration,I have run a hundred kilometers more than six seconds.Zero four acceleration time was measured 14 seconds.Think about the later Chevrolet 427 and 454,Dodge 440magnum with Hemi426 these engines,At this time, the car competition has entered the era of seven-liter displacement.


  (Figure: 1968 wild horse Cobra Jet,Slide left to see more photos)

  The fastback model of “Skull” is selected on the shape.The shape is also different from the ordinary model,For example, like a brake ventilation,There is a convex vent,The front gas grille and some decorative parts and ordinary models are different.There is also a C-shaped pull flower on the side of the vehicle.


  (Figure: Partial details,Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure: Huge engine)

  But it seems that it is still a difference between Cobra Jet, which is familiar with us.I feel less appearance, the taste of the flowers and the car,Later, there was a lightweight “lightweight” version.There is that feeling.


  (Figure: Lightweight “Lightweight” version,Slide left to see more photos)

  But by 1969,The status of the 428 engine has declined,Because Ford has a new 429 engine at this time.This engine is also famous.The wild horse BOSS429 like a movie “John Wick”,That is to use this engine.


  (Photo: “John Wick” in the wild horse boss429)

  But the Cobra Jet with a 428 engine is still launched in 69 years.The shape changes slightly,Because new intake exhaust,The air inlet on the machine has increased,Power has also improved,At 360.This is also not small,Think about it,2004 Porsche 911,Ordinary Carrera 997.1 only 320.


  (Figure: The engine intake changes,There is a large air inlet above the chemical oil.

  The 69 years of wild horses are also a peak value on the value.And the wild horses of 64 to 68 years,69 wild horses are obviously more affected by the motion movement,For example, like the appearance kit,There are also many air intake in the body.


  (Figure: Slide to the left View more pictures)


  (Figure: There are also versions with Cobra Jet pull flowers)

  The last launch of Cobra Jet was in 1971,Also replaced 429 engine,Cobra Jet This name has also hidden in the long river of the “Golden Year”.It is also related to the revival of muscle cars in recent years.


  (Figure: 71 Cobra Jet,Used 429 engine,After the 1970s, the shape of the muscle car began to be more conservative,Slide left to see more photos)

  I have to turn over for forty years this time.For example, there is a Cobra JET like the first five-generation wild horses.It was released in 2008.Produced for Ford official,Note that this Cobra Jet although there is a big glasses snake sign,But actually is still not the product of Shelby,It is Ford yourself.The new car is named fr500cj,CJ is the abbreviation of Cobra Jet.


  At this time, Cobra Jet uses new pull flowers.That is, we are familiar with the “Tire Snake” logo,A big glasses snake on the side of the car,The snake body is connected with the car back.The car is also like this.In addition,The Cobra Jet in 2008 is actually an optional engine.There are 4.0 liters V6 and 4.6 liters V8,Optional self-suction and machine increase,Optional manual gear and automatic block,The main purpose of this is to participate in a variety of events.


  (Figure: 08 FR500CJ,Slide left to see more photos)

  The re-launch of Cobra Jet is the time when the 2010 fifth generation wild horse is changed.The way in this period is the halogen lamp,This engine is replaced 5.4 liters of machinery boost,Like the GT500 in the same time,In addition, the gearbox has two options for manual and automatic.There is also a reinforcement of the suspension except for power promotion.Limited to 50 units.


  (Figure: 2010 FR500CJ,There is a big raised on the machine cover.It is estimated that heat dissipation makes it.Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure 5.4 liters of mechanical boost engine)

  At this time, almost every generation of small horses will have a Cobra Jet model.Including the five-generation wild horse in 2012,And this generation is characterized by using turbocharged,With two turbines V8,There is also the name of Twinturbo,So say,The US straight-line accelerator is not all mechanical boosts.However, this car can also choose the engine,Pay attention to it.


  (Figure: 2012 FR500CJ,Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure: 2012 FR500CJ,Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure: Turbo engine,Pay attention to the position of turbines in front of the front of the front,Slide left to see more photos)


  (Figure: Partial details,Slide left to see more photos)

  Subsequent is the story of the sixth generation of wild horses.Six generations of wild horses are now changed in the medium term,So the same Cobra Jet also has two batches.The first batch is 2016,It is also limited to 50 units.


  (Figure: 2016 Cobrajet,Slide left to see more photos)

  At 2018,The six-generation wild horse experienced the medium-term small change.And the Cobra Jet in this period has launched the 50th anniversary of the commemoration.To commemorate the model of 1968,This time is the main color color of white and yellow,Also for commemoration,At the same time, 68 were produced.After the new electric version of the electric version is launched in Ford,Perhaps fuel truck will also pay first.


  (Figure: 2018 Cobrajet,Slide left to see more photos)