[Watch Dogs Legion]Watch Dogs Legion Gets 60FPS PS5 Support in its Next Patch

  Watch Dogs Legion will be the next game to take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities by adding in support for 60 frames per second. But the?frame rate wasn’t?something that many people commented about,?given?its other misgivings. However, Ubisoft obviously feels as though this is an update that will resonate with many. Meanwhile, we’re all hoping we won’t have to endure a fourth game in the series…

  It’s been a while since we heard anything about Watch Dogs Legion. And with good reason, too, depending on who you talk to. But today we have been informed that it is getting another big update, which will add 60 frames per second support to the PlayStation 5 version. But was this something anyone was really calling for?

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  After all, the game is lacking a lot more in story – despite the series having so much potential. Plus, the recruitment system failed to impress many, given how repetitive the personalities soon become. And that is something that is hard to recover from considering it plays such a central role within the game’s mechanics (not to mention, sounded way cooler in the hype prior to release). So, perhaps the team would be better off working out what went so wrong.

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  Especially as they can’t blame Aiden Pearce for this one!

  Anyway, we don’t yet have a date to share with you about when this update will drop. Only that it will be called ‘Update 4.1’ and will address a number of bugs, too. We will let you know when that changes, though, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, how about you decide if the game is worth another chance?