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  No Man’s Sky has come out with a new mode called Expeditions and here’s a quick beginners guide to accessing them along with some quick tips.

  By Richard Beauchamp

  Published Apr 05, 2021


  No Mans Sky Expeditions Monochrome Sky

  No Man’s Sky?has recently come out with a new Expedition mode to keep the game fresh for all sci-fi adventurer lovers of the genre. Players have been looking for new ways to enjoy the game, and Expeditions brings something new akin to a season mode. The rewards for completing Expeditions will make any player dive deep to get the latest content which will satisfy newer players and veterans alike.

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  Each Expedition in?No Man’s Sky?has Phases to them, and each Phase has Milestones to reach new rewards. The Milestones themselves are open-ended in that they can get completed at any time, such as establishing a base, purchasing a capital ship, or even going to light speed. Rewards get unlocked at the end of each Phase, with an extra prize awaiting players who complete all Phases of the Expedition.

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  everything no man's sky companion update adds

  Expeditions in?No Man’s Sky?will have a reasonably regular schedule for their release, but their time frames will vary. Each Expedition update will have a random character generated and random technology to experience that first foray into space as true explorers. Once the Expedition is complete, the Expedition will become the same as any other regular saved game to keep the character’s journey intact.

  A nice touch is that the planet that the player starts the Expedition on will have other players on it and allow groups to form much more accessible than what they have in the past. To access the Expedition mode, players have to begin a New Game and then select Community Expedition from different game modes. The option for the Expeditions will be on the far right side of the screen. Players must have a free save space to save the Expedition game mode, and it will allow for future Expeditions as well.


  The Pioneers is the name of the first Expedition and has six Phases to it. Each Phase has its own set of Milestones to complete. It’s a great idea to get familiar with the Milestones after settling down a bit to avoid diving too deep down rabbit holes, not having a clear sense of direction, which is easy to do in No Man’s Sky. Players should look at future Phases and their Milestones to get a better plan of attack and finish off Phases quickly and efficiently.

  A few tips to get players going in the right direction are to scan anything and everything, walking everywhere on the planet, and working on finding Salvage Data to make money as quickly as possible. Get enough Units to get an A-Class ship that will give a reward which is an S-Class ship. Getting an S-Class?ship?can make a world of difference for travel and storage during Expeditions and set players for success.


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  No Man’s Sky?is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms


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