[is nier automata good]Nier: Automata’s 2B costume coming to Fall Guys June 18th, no update on Switch release

  Glory to mankind, all you tumble chums, for a little NieR: Automata is making its way to Fall Guys. Though the combo of Yoko Taro and PlatinumGames doing what they do best is a hold out when it comes to Switch ports, that doesn’t mean that its lead is any less popular. So behold, what happens when 2B gets a little less curvy and a little more…rounded.

  2b or not 2b, that is the collab

   June 18th pic.twitter.com/JgI0FY1zNw

  — Fall Guys Season 4.5 (@FallGuysGame) June 10, 2021

  The 2B costume will be making its way into Fall Guys on June 18th. While that’s good news for those playing the game on PC or PlayStation, there’s still been no update on the previously delayed Switch and Xbox versions. It may be some time yet before we too can become as gods, but fingers crossed that whenever they do they’ll come with 2Bean and the rest of the cameo costumes intact.

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