[RE ZERO LIGHT NOVEL ANIME]2021 Shanghai Auto Show Qick Zero Lead

  2021 has arrived,Many well-known brands will release new products that have grinded.The launch of these new cars has a pivotive significance for the new car sales of major brands.And the four major auto shows is the best time to launch a new car.So what is the heavy new car in the Shanghai Auto Show worth all?

  It is reported that,SAIC Volkswagen ID.6x or will be the first in the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show in April.And is expected to be listed in the third quarter of this year.ID.6x is the second ID.Family model,Based on the mass MEB platform,At present, the relevant application information of the model is already available on the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The new car is positioned as medium large pure electric SUV,3 rows of 7 seat layouts.


  In terms of appearance,SAIC Volkswagen ID.6X uses the ID.4X similar design,Just only ID.The 6X large lamp size is larger,The front surrounding shape is also more visual impact.Side enclosed door handles, large size hub, D column silver decorations are like.According to the declaration information,Its long width is 4876 * 1848 * 1680mm,The wheelbase is 2965mm,Large pure electric SUV in positioning.The overall size is obviously advantageous compared to the Yi ES6, Tesla Model Y.Tail section,ID.6 x, add quite mysterious black design elements,However, the layers of the entire tail are more highlighted.


  Dynamics,SAIC Volkswagen ID.6X This declaration is only a single motor,The maximum motor is 150kw,The peak torque is expected to be 310 N / m.Breeding,Reference ID.4X up to 555km NEDC battery life,It is expected to be a higher ID.6x battery life is expected to break through 600km.


  Packet Zero

  recently,Get a tender notice for a leading electric vehicle 2021 training and development in related channels.According to the announcement content: The first electric product ZERO will be listed in the second half of 2021.In addition, the new car is expected to officially pre-sale of the Shanghai Auto Show opened in April this year.But for the most concerned price problem of consumers,It is still in an unknown state.


  Bikick Zero will create based on pure electric platform PMA,Its battery life is expected to exceed 700km.The appearance of the new car continues the collection of collar families,The split headlights and double vertical LED day runners have increased identification.


  Among them, the backlight process is both complex and advanced.Ultra-red LED light-emitting element and laser welding process,With the tail of the electroplating process LOGO,The visual effect is more full and bright.In addition,The new car will also be equipped with a frameless induction electric tail, automatic adjustment of air suspension.

  As the first product created by the new Sea vast architecture,The lead Zero Concept uses a new design concept with luxury materials in the design of the interior design.And add digitization, intelligent highlights,Creating a unique “new sports light energy cockpit.”

  Dynamics,The new car is expected to provide a single and dual motor.Double motor four-wheel drive type 0-100km / h acceleration time will be less than 4s.Battery,The car is equipped with a battery pack having 110 kWh,The NEDC will have a navigator will exceed 700km.

  Great Wall

  Recently,Great Wall Motors announced that the Great Wall Runka Black Mibe will open pre-sale during the Shanghai Auto Show,This car has been officially unveiled during the 2020 Beijing Auto Show.The new car is the Great Wall artillery carcass modified model.The whole use of matte black and orange trim strips,Some more.


  Appearance,The new car is based on the gunfield modification,The body uses a mute black paint,And supplemented with orange decoration,Enhance the visual sensory of the body.The forward gas grille is designed with a traditional rectangular design.China.com uses double radiation and connects brand round logo,It is very identified.Dimensions in the body,The growth of the new car is 5437/2070 / 1993mm, respectively.Compared with the ordinary version of the model,The vehicle length is not changed,But the width increased by 102mm.The height has increased by 100mm.Among them, the chassis increase is 80mm.The luggage rack is 20mm.

  Tail,The car uses two bilateral exhausts,And using a black pedal.There is also a storage box above the container.There is a spare tire above.It looks full of wild.

  In terms of interiorThe interior and outside of the new car is also echo.Using orange decorative lines,And the suede material is wrapped.Configuration,And the new car is also equipped with an adjustable damper shock absorber, the main size of the Toyo Dragon Dragonfly.Dynamics,The new car is equipped with 2.0T engine,Matching the 8-speed automatic transmission,And use four-wheel drive form.


  Geely Star

  I learned from Geely officially Geely KX11 will be named Star Yue L,It is expected that this year’s Shanghai Auto Show will be released.The fastest market is listed in the first half of this year.The new car will use the latest family design language,The straight waterfall vertical grille has been treated.The front headlights similar to the rectangular style use LED light source,Exaggerated under the insurance barrier,The whole face brings a strong visual impact.The side of the sidework is used.The outer convexeed wheel arches showed a certain sense of strength.Water-type hub shape.The tail level is strong,Dynamic layout inside the through tail light is used.Be lit and compare the eye.


  The overall design of the interior is very simple.Flatheld multi-function steering wheel is moderate,The groove is also designed at 3 o’clock and 9 points.Comfortable grip.Equipped with full LCD dashboard and large-sized central control screen,The LCD screen is also equipped before the car.Three-screen linkage,Sensual technology is full.The body size is 4770/1895 / 1689mm,The wheelbase is 2845mm.


  Dynamics,The new car will be equipped with 2.0T low / high power engine,The maximum power is 160kw and 175kw, respectively.The transmission system is expected to match the 8AT gearbox.In addition,Star Yier L is also expected to be provided.5T entry model and 7 version.

  Citroen C5

  Recently,According to the information released by Dongfeng Citroen,The new generation of Citroen C5 will be unveiled in the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year.And is expected to be officially launched in September,The internal code of the model is E43.Really, the trolley has been exposed on the Internet.


  Appearance,The rendering map of the previous exposure is drawn according to the previously exposed real car.can be seen,The new Citroen C5 uses new family design language,The overall shape looks for avant-garde fashion.In particular, the chrome decoration throughout the head and the addition of the split headlight set,Let the new Citroen C5 face look very aggressive.The new car tail is designed with a hiking design.The joining of the small tail will increase the dynamic atmosphere of the tail.


  Dynamics,Citroen C5 fuel model is expected to be equipped.6T and 1.8T engine,The maximum power is 123kW (167 hp) and 150kW (204 hp).The PHEV version is expected to be equipped from 1.A mixing system of 8T engines and motors,In terms of transmission,Match 6 speed automatic or 8-speed automatic transmission.



  Modern car pure electric medium SUV – Ioniq (Ioni), which has been exposed many exposed, finally welcomed the world’s first show,The car is the first e-GMP platform to create a modern new energy model,Its long-range two-driven version of the model can reach 480km in WLTP operating conditions.The new car is expected to be delivered overseas at the end of June.And will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this year.


  Appearance,Ioniq 5 uses very avant-garde design,A large number of flat rows outlined the three-dimensional car body such as geometry.Very beautifully designed.In addition,It adopts the lyric front of the cap,The front face is very flat.The headlights use Fang Zheng stereo design,And connected by black decoration,Forming through the effect,Visual effect is excellent.


  Side,The most bright, the stereo lines of the front and rear doors,The line divides the door into a triangle.Undoubtedly it can bring extremely high identification.The rising waist line and the duckling are also a good sport.Dimensions in the body,The new car length is 4635/1890 / 1605mm, respectively.The wheelbase reaches 3000mm.The lines of the tail are echoed with the front face,Also very three-dimensional, taillights adopt through-through design,The internal light tape is similar to a pixel matrix shape,Very avant-garde.


  In terms of interiorThe center console of the new car is very clean and flat.The above two 12-inch screens are inlaid.Air-conditioning air outlets and minority buttons are located below the screen,The entire interior gives a sense of exiting and very elegant feelings.It is worth mentioning that,The new car uses a mobile central armrest box.It has a sliding amplitude of 140mm before and after.There will be a good performance in terms of the use of space.

  Dynamics,Ioniq5 has a 58KWH (standard refund) and 72.6KWH (long-range version) two battery capacity versions,And two battery models have four drives and two-drive (back drive).The two-drive and four-drive version of the standard endurance version are 125kW and 173KW, respectively.The peak torque is 350N · m and 605N · m; the long-lasting version of the two-drive and four-drive version of the four-wheel drive is 160kW and 225KW, respectively.The peak torque was 350 N · m and 350N · m.Breeding,Long-lasting navigation two-driven version of the model can reach 600km in the NEDC operating condition.

  Si Wei QX

  Previously,Siwei officially released QX’s latest interior design.As can be seen from the design graph,The interior of the new car is designed with a circular cabinet.Row rhite,Structured,The overall style is simple atmosphere.In addition, the design of suspended dual-screen, independent air conditioning touch panel and knob shift, etc.The scientific and technological atmosphere is strong.It is reported that,Si Wei QX is dominated by Jac Italy Turin Design Center.It is possible to appear on the Shanghai International Auto Show opening in April.


  Appearance,Siyu QX’s appearance is very dynamic and fashionable,The front face is designed in parallel.The daytime driving light is very different from the general SUV,The headlights run through the entire head,Future is full after lighting.The narrow bar air-fit grille is placed in the lower part of the front face,Create a wide body effect,Also let the entire car have a great sense.


  Side lines of Siyu QX are not different from general SUV.The lines are very smooth.Match a large size hub can also give people a feeling of motion.The design of the tail echoes the front face,The same taillights are traversed,The design of bilateral exhaust pipes is also a feeling of exercise,And the silver guard is embellished,Increased beauty and highlights the dynamic.


  Siyu QX is also quite very fluent in the design of the interior.Siyu QX’s interior is designed with a ring holder.The center console is biased toward the main driving and the center console has adopted a simple style.A large-sized liquid crystal dashboard and a central control screen gives a distinctive feeling.The knob type shifting mechanism not only brings a novel driving experience for consumers.At the same time, we will also add science and technology to the overall style of the interior.

  Thinking QX is also very powerful in power to carry the code to HFC4GC1.6e 1.5T engine,The maximum power is 184 horsepower,The peak torque is 300 cattle, rice,Performance is a leader in the same level,Transmission system matches 6-speed manual / 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox,It seems that the mid-autrium is stable and solemn.

  Skoda Octavia PRO

  Skoda Octavia PRO This model will also be officially released on March 9.The new car uses the MQB EVO platform.The eighth generation golf and new generation Audi A3 come from this platform.In addition, the new Octavia PRO is expected to be officially launched during the Shanghai Auto Show.


  The new Skoda Octavia PRO uses the latest design language of the Skoda family.It is more important than the cash type in terms of design.At the same time, the front waterfall front grille with the periphery chrome decoration,The improvement in precise feel is quite obvious.The front headlight also canceled the design of the split headlights.The shape is also more sharp.The use of the RS sports kit,Also gives it more moving atmosphere.


  Snowy’s side of the Skoda Octavia PRO is very smooth.The car tail is also designed.Aspects of the body size,The long-width height of Mingrui PRO is 4753/1788 / 1469mm,Overall, overseas, overseas, overseas,The wheelbase has also reached 2730 mm.In addition, the real vehicle is equipped with “Y” font five-knoke wheel.Let the side of the vehicle more sporty.

  In terms of car tail,The new Octavia PRO is also more leveling than the current model.In addition, more sharp taillights make Mingrui PRO more recognition.Although there is no real car map in the car,But from the official map previously announced,Mingrui Pro will be equipped with a 12.3 inches touch LCD screen and equipped with wireless charging, etc.The shifting mechanism is also very similar to golf, A3.

  As for power,It is reported that the Proferation Pro will still be equipped with 1 of the No. 1 EA211.4T engine,Maximum power 110kw,Maximum torque 250n · m,The match is still a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.It is also very guaranteed by the driving sensation of sharp PRO.


  After the Cats, after the big dog,Haval once again launched a new car,But this car is more sharp than before.Because the new car is called Havi Bagren.Ancient language cloud: people in Lu Bu,Horse red rabbit.Haval This new car dared to call Red Rabbit and have some people in design and power.first of all,Haval bunny uses “tidal awakening” aesthetic design concept,Smoked black straight waterfall big mouth plus a thin style headlight,Sports small ride and big tail,Let Red Rabbit look vital.


  Haval bunny is a fourth model based on the lemon platform.The new car will use 1.5T + 7DCT Gold Power Combination,Have 7.7 seconds to break the strength.And the red rabbit is also equipped with a suspension system for engineers.Let the whole vehicle have a rich driving pleasure.


  to sum up

  With the Shanghai Auto Show,There will be more information about new cars,There are several new new cars listed today.ID.6x is the second ID.Family model,3 rows of 7 seat layout,Suitable for big family purchases.Geely Star is very powerful,Very hot car’s potential.The new Citroen C5 still continues the romantic design style of the law,It is expected to introduce a plug-in mixed version.In addition to the above models,New cars such as Wey Mocha, Chang’an Uni-K are enough,Of course, there are other heavy cars to be released at the Shanghai Auto Show.