[unicorn kawaii coloring pages]Rainbow Glitter Drawing Book

  Do you love to draw? Have you always wanted to learn how to draw many animals and characters with ease? Do you love Glitter Pens and Rainbow Colors? Then you will Love Rainbow Glitter Kids Drawing! This fun Drawing Game lets you get creative and draw over 75 animated characters come to life!

  Rainbow Glitter Drawing Book Kids lets you Color a wide variety of Animals, Unicorns, Pets, Cats, Dogs, Mermaids, Cakes, Ice Cream, Desserts, Kawaii Characters, and More! So many pages to discover with over 75 total Drawings for many hours of drawing fun!

  Use glitter crayons, and trace the lines one by one, until you create your very own beautiful picture! Watch your character animate and play after you’re done drawing!

  Experiment with different glitter crayons and colors! Trace them and see how neatly you can stay between the lines!

  Rainbow Glitter Drawing Book is great fun for all ages and families who love to draw, color, and love rainbow glitter crayons!!