[yroo]Yroo launches powerful online price comparison tool

  Browser extension uses artificial intelligence to help price-conscious consumers find the best deal

  DUBLIN, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Yroo, the world’s most powerful meta-search shopping platform, has launched a browser extension that provides real-time pricing comparisons to consumers while they are shopping online. This browser extension is the latest in Yroo’s growing portfolio of tools that empower shoppers through artificial intelligence and big data.

  ”Our browser extension helps shoppers find the best price for the product they’re looking for without having to do the legwork themselves. We do the price comparison for them in real time, using our unique database of market intelligence,” said James Cunningham, CEO of Yroo. “No one wants to miss out on a better price, but it can be cumbersome to jump between all the major websites to check prices. Our browser extension lets people skip that step and make an informed decision.”

  The browser extension takes advantage of Yroo’s industry-leading and continuously updated catalogue of more than 150 million products. As always, shoppers can be confident that Yroo presents unbiased options based on the most comprehensive and current information available anywhere.

  People considering the purchase of a specific product will often visit the websites of multiple retailers and marketplaces to check prices. Yroo’s browser extension saves time by displaying current price comparisons and historical pricing data in a drop-down window whenever they click on a specific product page. ?By providing comprehensive price information at the moment they can use it, Yroo empowers shoppers to make the right choices with the least amount of effort.

  Users can install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store or directly through Yroo in just a few seconds. ?Yroo plans to add Safari and Firefox versions in the coming months, as well as mobile browser compatibility.

  Yroo’s browser extension complements its robust mobile app which has been growing exponentially.? As it expands its product offering, Yroo is becoming more indispensable as an everyday tool for empowering shoppers.? Yroo’s merchant partners also benefit from referrals of intent-based shoppers, particularly when they are more competitive on price.

  About Yroo

  Yroo Inc. is a meta-search engine and big data company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower shoppers to discover, research and buy from the largest collection of products and retailers available anywhere. We help shoppers find the best value in the market, whether they are online or in-store, by comparing current and historical prices across thousands of merchants. We connect consumers with the merchants who can best meet their needs, while providing merchants with unprecedented insights into shopper behaviour. Yroo’s mobile app is available in iOS and Android versions, and shoppers can also access its platform or install its browser extension at https://yroo.com. Yroo is a privately-owned company based in Dublin, Ireland with corporate offices in Toronto, Canada.