[spanish wedding songs]Star with Milestone Birthday in July 2021 | Gallery

  By Neia Balao

  5:31 am PDT, July 1, 2021

  Another month, another celebrity round! Join Wonderwall.com to see all the stars celebrating their milestone birthday in July 2021. Starting with this actor … Alan Ruck — Fans “Ferris Bueller’s Day Suddenly”, “Speed”, and more recently, “Succession” on TV — will turn 65 on July 1st.

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  I love Tom Hanks! The Oscar-winning actor will celebrate his 65th birthday on July 9th. He will then appear in several films such as “Pinocchio,” “In the Garden of the Beast,” and “A Man Called Ove.”

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  From “American in Paris” to “Gigi,” Leslie Caron has appeared in several highly iconic films. She will be 90 years old on July 1st.

  Pull it off! On July 1st, music star Missy Elliott will make an outstanding performance 5-0.

  On July 15th, “Troy” and “National Treasure” star Diane Kruger celebrates her 45th birthday. German actresses have many movies such as “The 355”, “First Love” and “Butterfly in the Typewriter”.

  Next, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, who will appear in the films “Interceptor” and “Carmen”, will turn 45 on July 18.

  On July 23, Woody Harrelson will join the club in the 1960s. Candidates for the Oscar and Emmy Awards will appear in the upcoming films “Kate,” “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” “Triangle of Sudness,” and “The Man from Toronto.”

  On July 26th, “Jojo Rabbit” actress Thomasin McKenzie will be 21 years old!

  Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara, who famously wrote songs such as “Wild Things” and “Out of Love,” will turn 25 on July 11.

  “Lost” and “Party of Five” actor Matthew Fox is celebrating a major milestone on July 14th, his 55th birthday.

  “Selling Sunset” star Chris Shell Stows will enter his 40s on July 21st.

  July 9th is the 45th birthday of Fred Savage, the actor of “The Wonder Years”.

  Country sensation Luke Bryan celebrates his 45th birthday on July 17th. This is only nine days after embarking on the 2021 “I’m Proud to Be Here” tour.

  Hannah Montana’s Alum Mitchel Musso will turn 30 on July 9th.

  On July 21st, British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith — her debut album “Do You Want Truth or Something Beautiful?” Released in 2009 — is 40 years old.

  Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper will then appear in the movie “Right on Broken Glass” and will celebrate his 70th birthday on July 9th.

  On July 5th, “Veronica Mars” and “Party Down” actor Ryan Hansen will be in their 40s.

  Kevin Abstract, a rapper and singer-songwriter who is a founding member of the Block Hampton Group, will turn 25 on July 16th.

  On July 20, actress Scout Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) celebrates her 30th birthday.

  Luke Hemmings, frontman of 5 Seconds of Summer, will turn 25 on July 16th.

  On July 6th, “Rocky” franchise star Sylvester Stallone will celebrate his 75th birthday.

  Cheryl Ladd, best known for her role as Kris Munroe on the television “Charlie’s Angels,” will turn 70 on July 12.

  On July 25th, “American Housewife” actress Meg Donnelly will celebrate her 21st birthday!

  On July 15th, Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker celebrates his 60th birthday.

  July 13th is the day Didi Conn, famous for painting French in “Grease”, celebrates his 70th birthday.

  On July 22nd, “Booksmart” actor Skyler Gisondo will celebrate his 25th birthday!

  Canadian-American hit maker Paul Anka greets the 80’s on July 30th.

  Lynda Carter, who starred in TV shows such as “Wonder Woman” and “Supergirl,” will fly to her 70s on July 24th.

  “St. Paul” actor Danny Glover will celebrate his 75th birthday on July 22nd.

  Patty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman franchise, will turn 50 on July 24th.

  On July 6th, Australian actor Geoffrey Rush is known for his work in everything from “The King’s Speech” and “Shakespeare in Love” to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series and “Shine.” .. 70.

  Christine Taylor, who starred in movies such as The Wedding Singer and Zoolander, will celebrate her 50th birthday on July 30th.

  “The Office” actress Phyllis Smith will take a walk in her 70s on July 10th.

  Another star in her 70s? The Addams Family actress Anjelica Huston, who won the Oscar for “Prizzi’s Honor for Women and Men,” will celebrate her milestone 70th birthday on July 8.

  On July 15th, “Chicago Med,” “Chicago PD,” and “Chicago Fire” actor Taylor Kinney will celebrate his 40th birthday.

  “Mrs. America” actress Margo Martindale makes an outstanding performance July 18th 7-0.

  On July 8th, country music star Toby Keith enters the 1960s.

  Dean Cain, who famously portrayed Clark Kent and Superman in “Royce & Clark: Superman’s New Adventure” from 1993 to 1997, resonates on July 31st, his 55th birthday.

  Michiel Huisman, actor of “Game of Thrones,” “Flight Attendant,” and “The Age of Adaline, 100 Years of Love,” will turn 40 on July 18.

  On July 18th, Downton Abbey actress Elizabeth McGovern will celebrate her 60th birthday.

  On July 14th, “Watchmen” actor and Emmy nominee Laurence Fishburne turns 60.