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  [Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Clippers (1-2) defeat the Utah Jazz (2-1) 132-106, BEHIND KAWHI LEONARD’s 34 PTS.

  [Post post]Los Angeles Clippers beat Utah in 132 to 106 today,Mainly pulled back to a city homeLeonard cuts 34 points.

  The main player data of both parties:

  Jazz, Utah

  First: Mitchell 30 points 5 rebounds 2 steals, English 19 points, Gobel 12 points 10 rebounds, O’Neill 12 points 6 rebounds 2 steals, Bogdad Novich 9 points

  Substitute: 4 points in Kraxsen, 4 points in Frester, 4 points in Iliasova

  Los Angeles Clippers

  First: Leonard 34 points 12 rebounds 5 assists 2 steals, George 31 points 5 assists, Leji-Jackson 17 points, Batum 17 points 7 rebounds, small Morris 6 points

  Substitute: Mann 7 points, Beverly 7 points, Kenath 6 points, Zumsz 3 points 6 rebounds

  [–][LAC] Shai Gilgeous-Alexanderphilcjc 1670 指標 7小時前

  Clippers Down 0-2> Clippers Up 3-1

  Boat Alexanda big fans: 0 to 2 backward ships are stronger than 3 to 1 lead.

  [-]Lakerspalifaith 123 indicator 7 hours ago

  Can’t Blow a 3-1 Lead if you are already DOWN 2-0.

  Lakers fans: If you have been behind 2 to 0,Then it is impossible to be reversed 3 to 1.

  [-]Pelicansanotherstatsguy 67 indicator 7 hours ago

  You might think you’re JOKING. But you’re really not.

  Pelican fans: You may think you are ridiculous,In fact, you don’t.

  [-]NBaeliteJimharbaugh 75 indicator 7 hours ago

  CLIPS Reverse Nuggets this year. THEY WILL BEAT THE JAZZ IN 7, Go Down 0-2 to the suns and lose in 5. Book it

  The hull took the scriptures of Nuggets last year this year.They will solve the jazz 7 games.The next 0 to 2 behind the sun,I was eliminated by five games.

  [-]RocketStally-H 0 indicator 4 hours ago

  CLIPPERS AREN ‘to Going to The Conf Finals Ever Man.

  Rocket fans: old brother,Quick boat can’t catch the western floor!

  [–][UTA] Joe InglesUsefulEmployee 26 指標 6小時前

  If the jazz win the next one, Clips Really Will Have Us Right Where The Want US. 0000-00-00 CLIGHT WHERE THE WANT US. THE MOMENTUM OF THE JAZZ 3-1 CURSE Combined with The Clippers 0-2 Blessing Will Be Too Much for US.

  Jazz English Engles Fans: If we win, we won the next game,It is the situation you want to see by the fast ship.Jazz is not only a 3-0 leading curse,Also facing the blessing of 0 to 2,too difficult.

  [-]San Diego ClippersNeverphoget 3 Indicator 3 hours ago

  Then it balances out with the clipps semifinals curse.

  Clippers fans: The western curse of the clove is offset.

  [-]NBAEARTHWARPING 6 indicator 7 hours ago

  I Have a weird hunch That the suns.

  I have a strange premonition.No matter who can advance this round,The sun will take the finals.

  [-]NBAEARTHWARPING 1026 indicator 7 hours ago

  Clippers with Their Expected Push Back After Being Down 0-2. Let’s see how the jazz respond, This Should Be a long series.

  The ship really is the same as we expect,The strong rebound after 0 to 2,Let us see what the Jazz will respond.This round of series will not end soon.

  [-]ClipPersvoac4y55BPUC 664 indicator 6 hours ago

  Bad News for Utah: The ye’ve awkeen the beast

  Good news for Utah: The Beast Can Only Stay Awake A Couple Days

  Boat Fans: Directive to Jazz: They awakened a beast; good news for Jazz: This beast can only keep a few days.

  [-]Hornetsbukharin88 14 indicator 6 hours ago

  Lue is a good coach. He’s Made All The Correct Adjustments in Round 1 and Did It Again Tonight.

  Horizontal fans: Lu Guide is a good coach,He did all the correct adjustments in the first round.He also did it tonight.


  [–][CLE] LeBron Jamesmr_antman85 365 指標 8小時前

  CLIPPERS.Y’All CAN’t Keep Getting Down 0-2 and the Decide to Play.Y’All Living a little too damn dangerous.SMH.

  Knight James Fan: Clippers,You can’t open the game for 0 to 2, and then play again.This is also too horses.

  [-]ClippersMasterfain 920 Indicator 7 hours ago

  Got Them Right Where Want Them

  Clippers Fans: The Clippers are in our most hope.

  [-]NO-RISE- 550 indicator 7 hours ago

  Kawhi Likes The Theaters of Going Down 0-2 Before Activating FMVP MODE

  Leonard likes the team’s 0 to 2,Suddenly activated the FMVP mode.

  [-]ZoulZopan 1 indicator 4 hours ago

  Didn’t he do this in 2019 Against the Bucks? And Won 4 Straight Games After

  Isn’t Leonard that Leonard did this?0 to 2, won four games.

  [-]Dancingmapledonut 2 indicator 7 hours ago

  IT’s Foreboard for Him

  This is the trick to the small card.

  [-]ClippersMasterfain 230 Indicator 7 hours ago

  Kawhi is trying to lower the average lifeness.

  Clippers fans: Leonard is to reduce the average life of the club fans,Absolutely this.

  [-]ClipPerseenerNali17 56 Indicator 7 hours ago

  ESPN: why is kawhi Trying to kill off clippers fans?

  Clippers Fans: ESPN Headline: Why Leonard wants to persecute the hull fan?

  [-]Clippersuziair 75 Indicator 7 hours ago

  Gotta Bait in The Lakers Fan Base Into See US Fail. Just to Watch IS Win INSTEAD

  Clippers fans: Small card This is in lure that the Lakers who want to see our jokes come to see the game,The result is a great game.


  [-]Rocketssorendiz 12 indicator 6 hours ago

  I’m Pretty Sure Today’s Game Thread Had More Individual Lakers Flairs Commenting Than are Total Comments from All The Clippers Flairs Combined

  Rocket fans: I am very sure that today’s live broadcast posts,Those Lakers’ fans have added more than the rappievan fans.

  [-]76ersDemonsreturns7 1 indicator 5 hours ago

  You Know Lakers Fans Are Ready To Bust Nut Over The Place The Minute Y’All Get Eliminated Some Will Even Have Consecutive Nut Busting Orgasms For Hours On End When That Happens

  76 people fans: You know if the closet is eliminated,Lakers fans have long ready to celebrate the celebration,The climax of these people may take several hours.

  [–]Raptors987456321987456321[] 184 指標 7小時前

  It’s Crazy How He Just Flipped The Switch In The Second Half. There Was A Stretch Where He Was Just Making Everything.

  Raptors fans: The performance after the small card opened the switch is too crazy,It is almost everything in the field.

  [-]PistonSattorneyatlion 102 indicator 7 hours ago

  I Wanna Say He Was Like 5-14 At some point. Dude IS Automatic When He’s Locked in

  Piston fans: I want to say that the small card seems to be only 14 shots 5,When he entered a state, shooting like an automatic lock.

  [-]Lakershhhogana 97 indicator 7 hours ago

  Players Like Him, Melo and Kobe Are Somehow Able To Lock in Everything Even When Went 2/9 Previously. I don’t know if it’s it in the vein or something.

  Lakers fans: players like small cards, Anthony and Kobe,To some extent, it can be said that every ball is full of threats.Even before I have already 9, I have already,I don’t know how cold blood in these killers.

  [-]Clippers Bandwagonariannis_grandtkmpo 345 Indicator 7 hours ago

  Rondo Did Not Even Play A Garbage Minute. I’m not arguing with it, Just Noting Ty Lue Works in mysterious ways.

  Clippers fans: Londo did not have a chance to get a play,I am not questioning Lu,Just feel that his coaching method is very mysterious.


  [-]Clippersshigs21 11 Indicator 3 hours ago

  Ty Just Saving Him for the INEVITABLE GAME 7 LMAOO

  Clippers fans: Lu Guide is just in order to inevitably grab the seven battles,Keep the physical strength of Rondedia,Hahaha.

  [-]Danieljyang 13 Indicator 4 hours ago

  Rondo Can Playing Straight Garbage Since After Game 2vs the MAVS. IT’s a good call. Hopefully He Wakes Up and Performs Up to His Level

  Ludo didn’t play from the unique man g2,There is no problem with the decision of Lu guidance.I hope he can adjust it as soon as possible.Enhance your performance.

  [-]clipperscoded_lyoko 243 indicator 8 hours ago

  I Enjoy Watching The Los Angeles Clippers Play Basketball. They are my favorite nba team.

  When the SCORE A BASKET, I think to myself “yes”. When Donovan Mitchell Is Within 91.86 Feet of A Basketball, I think to myself “no”.

  Clippers fans: I like to see the racing game,They are my favorite NBA team.When they score,I will speak selfless “is great!”When Mitchell is only 91 from the basket.86 feet (NBA Stadium full length 94 feet),I will speak for my words “Don’t!”

  [-]Clipperstylerjehills 45 Indicator 7 hours ago

  First Luka, Now SPIDA. The next generation is already here and they’re fucking terrifying

  Clippers fans: First, East Chickens,Now is Mi Cherr,The new generation of players come,These young people are scary.

  [-]Rocketsdsice16 46 indicator 6 hours ago

  Is this Recency Bias or is next gen fuckin stacked? LUCA, TRAE, Mitchell, Booker, Zion, Ja, Simmons, Tatum, Jokic, Murray. They’re fuckin elite.

  Rocket fans: Is it my thoughts? It is still too ignorant of new generation players?East Chicchi, Tre-Yang, Bark, Mitchell, Zion, Morat, Simmons, Tutum, Joyki, Murray . All fucking is elite.

  [-]76erscamscars775 35 indicator 8 hours ago

  KAWHI HAD 34? WTF I Thought it Was PG That Was Killing Them

  76 people fans: Leonard cut 34 points?What ghost!I thought it was Paul George’s dried jazz.

  [-]Clippersmigzfern 13 Indicator 7 hours ago

  Silent Assassin

  Clippers fans: silent killer!


  [-]Rocketssorendiz 24 indicator 6 hours ago

  PG Did a lot of his work in the first HALF, Kawhi Did Most of His Work in The Second Half

  Rocket fans: George has a lot of live,Leonard is ruled the game in the second half.

  [-]ThundersillyRabbit2121 613 Indicator 8 hours ago

  Anyone Who Thought Kawhi Would Just Take this Laying Down Is A Fool, He’s One of the Best Playoff Performers of Our Generation

  Thunder fans: Anyone who believes that Leonard will choose to give up, it is a fool.He is one of the best players who have seen the playoffs in our generation.

  [-]RocketGenericDarkFriend 210 indicator 8 hours ago

  Dude Is So fun to watch, I Just Love Those Mid Range Fade Aways.

  Rocket fans: This guy is too interesting,I like his middle distance.

  [-]nuggetsdatingthrowaway4567 99 indicator 7 hours ago


  Just ME? OK.

  Nuggets fans: Will I see when I see a small card with a single hand?only me?Ok.

  [-]ZoulZopan 1 indicator 4 hours ago

  I Like Watching His Defense More, The Steals He Made this Game and last game a banger

  I prefer to see the defense of the small card.This game and the steal in the game is great!

  [-]ClipPersgaliko 493 Indicator 8 hours ago

  I Know He Gets Shit on a Lot But You Have to Give Ty Lue Some Credit for In Series Adjustments. It’s Taken More Time Than You’d Like To See (Ideally Have The Right Line Up for Game 1) But He Hasn’t Been Afraid To Change Things Up Mid-Series and They Seem To Be Working.

  Clippers fans: I know that Tailun Lu is often smashed.But you must praise the adjustment capabilities during the Launtel.He spends the energetic energy in this regard,Of course, I want him to take a suitable lineup at G1.Lu guidance is not afraid to make adjustments in the middle of the series.And the effect is good.

  [-]Hawks Bandwagoncoolycoly 23 Indicator 8 hours ago *

  I Kind of Like and Hate How He Coaches He Basically Plays Everyone At The Start of a Series and The Plays Who is Playing Good

  Eagle fans: I like it a little, I hate Tailun Lu’s coaching method.He basically is starting to play all people in the series.Then leave those players who have been playing.

  [-]CELTICSGOOFYGYOOBER2 205 indicator 8 hours ago

  He’s Been Great with His Adjustments The Whole Playoffs, But People Just Care About Turning Him Into a MEME

  Celtics fans: his adjustments in his entire playoffs are great.But people just want to make him an expression package.


  [-]MRBULger 3 indicator 8 hours ago

  He’s BEEN A MEME for a long time now people just want to keep it going

  Tailor-Lu Cheng is not a half-time,Now people just want to continue.

  [-]ClipPersgaliko 40 indicator 8 hours ago

  Agree. Taken Him Time That It’s Taken Him Time To Get The Rather Than Having The Lineup Ready To Go from a Scouting Standpoint But I’m no Basketball Coach

  Clippers Fans: The only criticism of Lu Guide is that he spent a long time to play,Instead of being prepared in advance from the perspective of scouting,Of course, I am not a basketball coach.

  [-]MAGICKUNALLANUK 22 indicator 7 hours ago

  Adjustments Are Such a Valuable Part of Doing Well in The Playoffs, Just Look At Guys Like Bud On The Other Hand Who Just Keep Doing The Same Thing WHENER IT WORKS or Not This Playoffs Is Really Making Ty Lue Go Up My Estimation

  Magic fans: Adjustment is an important part of the race in the season,Look at the complete opposite Biden Horze,Whether it is valid, he is repeating the same thing.This season, I really made me have changed the view of Tailun Lu.

  [-]MRHASHBROWN 3 indicator 6 hours ago

  Yeah it’s definitely a wellcome change from doc.

  Yup,Replaced by Tharen from Rivers,It is indeed a good adjustment.

  [-]ODD_IMPRESSION 22 Indicator 8 hours ago

  EXACTLY. Playoffs are Heavily Influenced by Adjustments. If The Jazz Cannot Respond, I Think That’s When the Winner is Decided.

  indeed,The adjustment in the playoffs has a great impact.If Jazz can’t make a response,I think this round assembly is set.

  [-]ClipPersgaliko 13 Indicator 8 hours ago

  Quin snyder’s a good coach SO am Sure He’ll Come Up With Something But Not Sure You Adjust To Small Ball with Gobert If The Clippers Are Hitting Shots

  Clippers fans: Snee is a good coach,So I believe he can come up with the countermeasure,But I don’t know if the club can hit it.How can Gobel’s pelletup can be adjusted.

  [-]ODD_IMPRESSION 10 Indicator 8 hours ago

  Yeah That’s A Big Issue,Especially if Conley Isnt Playing. I Noticed That They Also Tried To Feed Gobert, But it resulted in some turnovers. If I’m The Clippers I Would Run Small Ball A Lot More, IT Seems to Be Really Effective.

  Yes it is,This problem is critical.Especially if I can’t play it.I noticed that the jazz has tried to feed Gobel.But it caused some mistakes.If I am a fast ship,I will play more small balls,This looks very good.

  [–][GSW] Stephen CurryNyhrox 405 指標 8小時前*

  Paul George Haters Real Quiet Right Now Including Myself

  Warriors Cuiri fans: Paul – George’s blacks are very quiet,including me.


  [-]Lakerstrevorturtle 1 indicator 8 hours ago

  * Quiet

  Lakers fans: 嘘嘘!!

  [–][GSW] Stephen CurryNyhrox 1 指標 7小時前

  My Bad

  Warriors Duxi fans: My fault!

  [-]Clippersdezthompson 1 indicator 6 hours ago

  Thanks for Having the Balls to Admit

  Clippers fans: Thank you for your courage to admit.

  [-]SpursafunctionOfx 1 indicator 8 hours ago

  I think they’re really quite wroo, Actually

  Spurs fans: actually,I think these people are really wrong.

  [-]ODD_IMPRESSION 81 Indicator 8 hours ago

  PG13 Just Went PG24

  PG13 incarnation PG24.(George passes through the watt))

  [-]JazzmiianWilson 141 indicator 8 hours ago

  Paul George Pisses Me Offetball and Handsome and I’m Neither

  Jazz fans: Paul – George, I am,Because he is handsome, it is good,And I don’t occupy it.

  [-]Rocketssorendiz 31 indicator 7 hours ago

  NOT To Rub Salt in the Wound But Unless YOUNT BE BE A FAIRLY ENORMOUS AMOUNT BETTER OFF THAN THEN AVERAGE / R / NBA User, He’s Also Richer Than You 🙁

  Rocket fans: I am not falling down the stone,But unless you have a lot more than most of the friends,Otherwise, George has money than you!

  [-]JazzRealRimurutempest 218 indicator 8 hours ago

  Hope Mitchell is OK.

  Jazz fans: I hope that Mitchell is nothing.

  [-]Sunschiroozu 40 indicator 8 hours ago

  Being a superstar this year is the Most Dangerous profession. Hope he can come back

  Sun fans: This year’s super star is the most dangerous career.I hope he can return.

  [-]ExecutiveSphere 11 indicator 8 hours ago

  What happened to him?

  What happened to Mitchell?

  [-]ClippersGambarge 32 indicator 7 hours ago

  Dude Was Limping In The 4th. I really hood it was nothing