[Crystal Dress REM]I want to know the name table,Accurate watch terms you have to know

  Whether you are a long-term precious watch enthusiast, or just enter the market’s newbie,You should also know that there are countless watch brands, style and characteristics.The terminology of the precious watches seems that the number of sands in the Hanging River is not exhausted.Maybe you will make you unknown, I don’t know what it is.and so,Experts as a precious watch,We integrate a comprehensive profile about the terms of the famous watches.Parts from precious watches, to outer style, movement type,There are more other knowledge,I will offer you one by one.continue reading,Master the terminology of precious watches.


  The precious watches consist of hundreds of parts,The accuracy, durability, and style of the newspaper are maintained.The most important part of the watch is listed below:

  Window (Aperture): Fixed the window on the dial,Can display a variety of information such as the date, month, year.BEZEL: rounding the top ring of the fixed dial,Some tablets show additional information such as Green Greening Standard Time (GMT TIME).Metal bracelet: metal bracelet lined on the wrist,It is also a table,It can also fix the position of the watch.Case: The body of the watch,Can protect the internal operation of the watch,Dust, water, water,Under the impact.Crown: button on both sides of the table,Various items that can be used to adjust the settings such as the date,And the operation of protecting the watch.Crystal: Transparent panel,Can be used to protect the dial.Dial: The surface of the watch is under the coverage of the mirror.Pointer: Time indicates on the dial.Helium Escape Valve: See the diving watch,The exhaust valve is suitable for deep sea activities.It helps to release the air pressure in the watch case.Ear (LUGS): a metal rod of the changing case and a strap.Movement: also known as “aperture” (Caliber,Shorthand “CAL.”)Powering the watch,And drive a watch everything to report.Buttons: on the side of the dial,Used to start a specific function,For example, the timing.Strap: leather or glued strap,Can be made of a wrist,Fixed watch position.Subdial: There is a smaller dial on the dial,Used to show additional information,For example, the recording time of the timer.

  The following is the main three movements of the precious watches:

  Mechanical: The mechanical watch refers to the power storage power in the internal hair.Working with a drive watch.Automatic: also known as “Self-Winding Watch).The watch is driven by the wearer’s manually tightly.Quartz (quartz): from the electromagnetic drive movement,There is no need to send it.Quartz table prices are significantly cheaper than the mechanical table or automatic table.

  In addition to the newspaper,There are still many additional features in the watch dial.The following is the most common and common project:

  Annual Calendar: Date, Month,However, it is not possible to automatically adjust the days to increase in the leap year.Chronograph: has a timing table function,Recording action needs.Date Window: Display date.Dual Time: Displays the time of the local and second time zone.Three question reteater: After the start function,When you are riding, engraving, minute.Moon Phase: Shows the cycle of the moon run.Perpetual Calendar: Date, Month,It can also be automatically adjusted in the leap year.Power Storage Display: Show the kinetic energy left by the watch,Tip The wearer’s next time you need to tighten the time.Tachymeter: Measures the speed of travel within a certain distance.World Time Zone: Displays 24 different time zones,Let the wearer also know local time in different parts of the world.

  According to specific design and characteristics,The precious watches generally divided into the following four categories:

  Dress Watches: noble and simple style, plus streamlined design,Let the dressing becomes a perfect matching ornament for overalls, evening or other exquisite costumes.Sports Watches: Sports watch with rugged case, waterproof and durable,Can withstand more harsh environmental conditions,Keep an accurate report.Pilot Watches: The engine has a large housing, easy to read the dial,It is designed for the working environment of the martial artist; the mechanist can also provide additional reporting function.If the time is calculated for a certain region.Diving Watches: The ultimate timing device set by divers,These homes can withstand deep sea water pressure, and often accompanied by complex features.This helps the divers to adjust the oxygen supply in a timely manner.