[rock band 4 tracklist]twenty one pilots drop dark, cinematic trailer for Saturday music video

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  Speaking to Kerrang! in May about Trench possibly tying in with Scaled And Icy, Tyler explained: ?“I’ve always felt like it’s a real waste of an opportunity to not be creating a story inside of music, and even when I first started writing songs I knew I wanted to attach something larger to it. But, at the same time, Josh and I have always talked about not wanting there to be a prerequisite to enjoy the songs; we don’t want you to have to know all the details of the story thus far in order to really enjoy and find something that means something to you inside of a song.”

  He added of the Scaled And Icy creative process compared to Trench, ?“It was definitely more fluid, and a little less chronological. It was a departure, in a sense. You would just chase the next idea, and the next idea, and put it together. I would look at [the songs] as a whole and position them. I think I knew when I was writing Good Day that it would be [first on the tracklist], and I knew that Redecorate would be last, and I knew Choker was second, too. But other than that, it felt like we had our bookends to play in, and then we were just creating inside of it.

  “But when you know where to look, it still anchors to the story we’ve been telling.”

  Watch the Saturday trailer below: