[metroid: samus returns]Metroid: Samus Returns Port Possibly Leaked

  A new accessory listing on Nintendo’s website suggests that a port of Metroid: Samus Returns may be headed to the Switch.

  Nintendo listed a new Super Metroid Skin & Screen Protector Set on their online store, featuring artwork from the SNES classic’s packaging. Among the product images, however, is a shot of someone playing what appears to be Metroid: Samus Returns, a 3DS title, on a Switch in handheld mode, as noted by Twitter user @GenosPapa.

  Metroid: Samus Returns Port Possibly LeakedMetroid: Samus Returns Port Possibly Leaked

  The particular moment in the picture is a piece of artwork used during the game’s introduction, summarizing the series’ plot so far; as Samus’ redesigned gunship descends upon the planet Zebes in a retelling of her first mission.

  Given that Super Metroid is currently available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online’s SNES library, it’s odd that the marketing team didn’t simply use footage from that game in this image, since the decal set draws upon its artwork. With this set Switch owners can make their dock look like the Super Metroid cartridge, put the original cover art on the back of their system, and adorn their Joycons with artwork of Samus battling her old foes, Ridley and Kraid.

  Instead the image used suggests that a port of the 3DS game could be headed to the Switch. 2021 is the thirty-fifth anniversary of both Metroid and The Legend of Zelda, so the hypothetical rerelease could be used to mark the occasion—as Super Mario 3D All-Stars did for Mario’s anniversary this year.

  This wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo has accidentally leaked an upcoming game. Back in September they accidentally listed Kirby Fighters 2 on their website ahead of its surprise announcement and launch.

  Metroid: Samus Returns was a 2017 remake of the original Game Boy sequel: Return of Samus; developed by MercuryStream for 3DS. It launched to high reviews, earning a 85 on MetaCritic (and a 9/10 from CGM’s Jordan Biordi, who deemed it a “triumphant return”). As the first proper title in the series since 2010’s Other M, it sparked hope that Samus Aran would see another resurgence. This did not come to pass, however, and fans are still waiting for more news on Metroid Prime 4.