[Valkyrie Connect]Female Wushen Weapon Full Analysis,Yingtai Valkyrie Series Black Technology once again looks enough

  Ningtai Valkyrie has triggered a strong interest in fans,In addition to cool appearance, the seriesSpecifications, performance, and new features are also surprised to fans,Today, let’s take a look at what black technology in the Valkyrie female Wushen Series.

  At present, there are two products from the Valkyrie Series Z590 chipset.A z590 Valkyrie,A z590i Valkyrie.

  A large board for ATX,A ITX board,In addition to specifications, twoThe refinement used by the Yingtai black technology is different.


  First, I will reveal the suspense left to everyone ~ The finished fins of the active fan near the motherboard MOS.It is more powerful ~ this is not seen on the motherboard.


  Take a look at the full picture of the motherboard.Excellent heat dissipation design,Large-scale heat sink coverage,This is the exclusive treatment of Yingtai Wushen Series ~


  In addition,The motherboard Z590Valkyrie uses a metal backplane,The motherboard is more stable.Even if high-end components can also stabilize ~


  Supply,Using excellent digital power supply PWM,stable,Efficient ~


  More excellent MOS design,DR.MOS,More stable electrical properties,More smooth overclocking ~


  Full solid state capacitor design,stable,long life


  It has electric gathering,In addition to the good-looking LED lights,Give first-class protection to the motherboard,Anti-static and better heat dissipation performance ~ Don’t be too luxurious ~


  Memory,By overclocking,Can support more than 5000+ frequencies,This is the real subsequent motherboard (Z590I memory strip is two)


  Fragrant pcie 4.0 ~ This doesn’t have to say more ~


  The same very fragrant M.twenty four.0,Let your host fly ~


  USB3.2 Gen2 interface is also coming ~ faster speed,More convenient to use ~


  DP interface,Support 5K HD playback,Shocking visual effect,Don’t be too cool at home entertainment movies ~


  Double BIOS design,Guarantee the safety of the motherboard ~


  Yingtai’s cool light controlled full buckets,Easily create your personalized self-cultivation light-controlled competition host ~


  Smart fan,In addition to giving you better cooling hardware,We also build a better intelligent heat dissipation system ~


  of course,Simple and convenient BIOS must also have,The BIOS interface is at a glance ~ Ok,Do you satisfy the fighting power of the female Wushen?