[The Magnificent Trufflepigs]The Magnificent Trufflepigs is Reminiscent of Firewatch

  The Magnificent Trufflepigs is an explorative adventure where players will use a metal detector to unearth not only treasures, but a mystery as well.

  By Brittni Finley

  Published Jun 01, 2021


  Magnificent Trufflepigs Firewatch

  Developed by Campo Santo,?Firewatch?is an intimate, first-person mystery. It quickly became a hit indie game back in 2016 when Let’s Players on YouTube dove into the game, enticing viewers with its gorgeous colors and stunning scenery. The narrative is largely discovered through exploring the wilderness of a 1989 Wyoming, where players assume the role of Henry and connect with his supervisor Delilah as they develop a closer relationship and uncover a sinister truth.

  While the one issue most had with?Firewatch?was its lackluster ending, the game still stuck in many folks’ hearts, instilling inspiration in many developers. One game to come out of that is the upcoming?The Magnificient Trufflepigs. Much like?Firewatch, Trufflepigs is an explorative game that forces the character to face their demons through the use of dialogue and a walkie-talkie.

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  Magnificent Trufflepigs Firewatch

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  Many found?Firewatch?to be an amazing game for several reasons, but its realistic dialogue acting as a catalyst for a?gripping but relaxed mystery might be the biggest reason why fans consider it to be great. It’s a game made for adults, dealing with mature issues like separation and mid-life crossroads. The game is intimate because it feels realistic, so it’s only natural that players might choose to develop a romantic, flirty rapport between the two, even if that makes Henry an unfaithful husband to some capacity. But they’re only human, and they deal with their issues in the way humans do: sometimes with sadness and anger, or sometimes dismissing it entirely with humor or ignorance.


  The Magnificent Trufflepigs?looks to capture this same tone. Gamers will play as Adam, who is returning to his childhood town of Stanning. Much like Henry and Delilah’s relationship, players will be reacquainted with Beth, who is on a mission to find local treasure with a metal detector, but her history isn’t what it may seem on the surface. Her story hides a dark past that players will unearth as they develop a romantic relationship.

  And just like how?Firewatch?is a relaxing exploration simulator set in the beautiful wilderness,?The Magnificent Trufflepigs’?gameplay is simple, featuring the use of a metal detector and immersive dialogue, and nothing more in order to highlight the strong narrative.


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  the magnificent trufflepigs

  But while it may feel reminiscent of?Firewatch,?The Magnificient Trufflepigs?will likely be a unique indie game in its own ways, largely due to the metal detector. After Beth discovered an earring on a local farm, she became somewhat famous in the small town of Stanning. She never found the second earring, however, which is the first task of her childhood friend Adam, though Beth’s friends are apprehensive against the idea of the two meeting again.

  But aside from the gripping mystery that Adam embarks on, while he aids Beth in her personal goals, a romance will develop between the two as they search the farm for clues and treasures before it’s demolished. However, Beth is engaged to a man named Jake, though their relationship seems a bit turbulent from Adam’s perspective, stirring a pot as the protagonist gently pines for Beth’s attention. But while there may be some stormy moments, players can look forward to a relaxing tale much like?Firewatch with some stakes and characters’ stories to become invested in.


  While?The Magnificent Trufflepigs may not be as polished in animations or feature as enhanced of graphics as?Firewatch, fans of Campo Santo’s hit mystery looking for a short play to fill their weekend should give?The Magnificent Trufflepigs?from developer Thunkd when it releases in just a couple of days.

  The Magnificent Trufflepigs?releases for PC and Switch on June 3, 2021.

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