[PS5 Hitman 3]* 19: 00 Xellossred Continued INFI Point Hitman a few pounds?

  19:00 tonight,The Xellossred World Championships of the four regions of China and South Korea Europe and the United States are about to kick.LP.Focus, Thunder, French player KRAV, American player Hitman will be played.

  Hitman, which is “introverted” is “new four little king”, is there a few levels?It will be announced tonight!

  Although the top HAPPY, MOON, INFI, Lyn, etc. of the magic, did not play,But this competition is also a series of Han European, such as Lawliet, Focus, Chaemiko, Michael, Foggy, Hitman.


  It is worth mentioning that,Color will be the only Chinese player,such,We can witness China and Korean and American players in this “Magic Little World Cup” competition.

  What kind of grades can you do?



  Famous American Organs players,24 years old.Today’s magic space,Asian warlord melee,Emperor Emperor Emperor, one side,Hitman,It is the famous “US Emperor”.His ruling power in the Americas is even stronger than HAPPY in Europe.

  Career total bonus: $ 10390



  French famous undead player,Current effectiveness and Frenchcraft team.

  Career total bonus: $ 4150


  Safety time

  16 players are divided into 4 groups

  January 25: Group B group,BO3 double defeat,The first two advances

  January 26: Group A group,BO3 double defeat,The first two advances

  January 27: Group C group,BO3 double defeat,The first two advances

  January 28: Group D group,BO3 double defeat,The first two advances

  January 30: Eight Battle,BO5 single lost

  January 31: Semi-final, final,BO5 single lost


  Group A: Lawliet vs Terror (Poland), LP.Colorful vs Insuperable (Canada)


  Group B: Chaemiko VS Robinson (Poland), Michael VS Soin

  Group C: LP.Focus vs Krav (France), Thunder VS Hitman (USA)


  Group D: Foggy (Ukraine) VS Sonik (Ukraine), Sheik (Russia) VS AF.Sok


  Game bonus

  Champion: 700,000 won (4113 yuan)

  Army: 300,000 won (1763 yuan)

  Sectional army: 200,000 won (1175 yuan)

  Fourth place: 100,000 won (588 yuan)

  Fifth ~ eighth: 50,000 won (294 yuan)

  General bonus: 1.5 million won (8813 yuan)