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  The redacted third mode from Battlefield 2042 may have been leaked ahead of time, with a reliable leaker claiming it remasters old maps.

  When EA first unveiled Battlefield 2042, earlier in the month, they announced three main modes: All-Out Warfare, which includes classics like Conquest and Breakthrough; the all-new Hazard Zone, which is yet to be seen in action; and one completely secretly mode.

  That secret may have been revealed early though, as leaker Tom Henderson, who has been accurate about most things relating to Battlefield 2042 so far, claims it’s called BattleHub and revolves around the use of classic Battlefield maps.

  His description is still fairly vague but according to him it contains ‘remasters of old maps from old Battlefield titles’ and ‘Specialists will also be moving over to the Battlefield Hub’.

  The only official description from EA is that the secret mode is ‘a love letter to our core fans’ and ‘a new way to play Battlefield’.

  Henderson describes BattleHub as the ‘ultimate sandbox experience’ but since some older maps are quite small, not all will be able to support 128 players.

  The mode will apparently be added to via the game’s Battle Passes, which likely means additional maps, vehicles, and weapons – so if your favourite isn’t there at the start it may arrive later.

  All three modes can allegedly be installed separately, like Call Of Duty, so if you don’t use one of them it doesn’t have to take up hard drive space.

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  The secret mode is set to be officially revealed at EA Play Live next month, but the problem with Henderson’s information is that he admits he has less sources for it than some of his other leaks, with many of his usual sources still not knowing what the mode is.

  That means all of the above could be wrong, although at the moment it certainly does sound plausible.

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