[SWORD of the NECROMANCER KICKSTARTER]ROGUELIKE style Dungeon Adventure Wizard Sword is released!Reminder

  Grimorio of Games flag of the pigeon dungeon game “Sword of the Necroncer” is now available.Let’s take a look at the sale trailer! [Ranger Network]”Wizard Sword” Offering Trailer This is a role game that uses a variety of weapons and props to Raig Dungeon’s Roguelike style Dungeon.The protagonist TAMA made his death when defending the next division.In order to get the forces that can make the deceased resurrection,Tama is challenging towards the dungeon regardless of danger.   Tama uses “Sword of the Wizard” to resurrect the knockdown Magic and fight with him.In addition,As a companion, the monster can enhance the level strengthening with TAMA,It is also possible to use a weapon synthesis system to create a weapon containing various effects.If the weapon and the monsters will all disappear in the dungeon.But you can leave some experience values before starting.   ”Sword of the Wizard” is now landing Xbox One / Switch / PC (Steam) / PS4 platform. Video screenshot: