[next cod]Warzone patch notes: Raven nerf MG 82 today, Call of Duty Nail Gun could be next

  It will be interesting to see how big an effect this has on the new weapon, which is only available after you complete 31 Tiers in the new Battle Pass.

  Raven has also confirmed that the MG 82 might not be the only new gun that gets nerfed in the coming weeks.

  According to a new message from the COD team, the Nail Gun is also being watched and could be the next weapon to be patched.

  “We will be keeping a close eye on the Nail Gun (BOCW). We feel it kills about a bullet faster than we would like. With extremely low rate of fire Weapons, they can be on a razor’s edge of balance wherein missing a single shot can turn an incredibly fast Time to Kill into one of the slowest in its class.

  “This is not the case with the Nail Gun (BOCW) now, but if it required an additional bullet to kill and nothing else changed, it likely would be.

  “So, we may push and pull on some of its functionality to ensure that it fulfills its role as a highly mobile, close range, full-auto dominator that can rival shotgun TTKs but rapidly wanes in efficacy the further enemies are from you. They are just nails after all.”