[wasteland 3 ps4 metacritic]Days Gone PC Review Scores are out: Is it a good PC port?

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  Days Gone?has just joined the growing number of (formerly) PS4-exclusives that eventually arrived on PC. However, it hasn’t all been fun and games for some of the PC ports of previous titles under this banner. In the mixed bag of PS4-games-goes-to-PC, will?Days Gone?be remembered as one of the better ones? Or is the?Days Gone?PC version something that we’ll forget in just a few weeks’ time? Check out what critics and fans say in our?Days Gone?PC Review Scores Roundup.

  Overall, the game’s PC version received favorable reviews. Critics agree that it’s a great upgrade from the PS4 version. However, the gameplay woes that they game had in PS4 still popped up in discussions today. Meanwhile, fans have largely been very happy with this release, with a vast majority of them giving the game a green score.

  In an amazing plot twist,?Days Gone?PC Review scores on Metacritic have actually been very favorable. The aggregate score that the PC version got even beat out what critics have given the PS4 version. In many ways, Days Gone?on PC represents a big upgrade to the game. While critics by now may have become more forgiving with?Days Gone‘s gameplay shortcomings, its amazing performance on PC may have helped boost its scores.

  David Burdette of?Gaming Trend?gave the game a score of 90/100, an excellent score. “On PC, Days Gone gets its chance to flourish,” says Burdette. “Running at uncapped frame rates, high resolutions, and touting an FOV slider.” Indeed, even if?the PC version of?Days Gone?doesn’t have some high-end graphics bells and whistles like ray-tracing and DLSS, the PC version still vastly improved the experience that was held back by the PS4 version.

  Meanwhile, some critics have not been forgiving. Not just because the PC version works technically better than the PS4 version, doesn’t mean the game deserves a high score.?PC Gamer‘s Andy Kelly’s?Days Gone?PC Review score is just 63/100. “Days Gone is a fun post-apocalyptic road trip simulator,” writes Kelly. “But the things it does well are ultimately overwhelmed by the dreary story, repetitive missions, sluggish controls, and lifeless world.” No matter how good-looking a game is, its graphics can’t save a dreary story. At least it’s fun riding your motorbike in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Oregon.

  Still, for a $50 game, it’ll be really hard to pass up?Days Gone.

  Meanwhile,?Days Gone?PC Review scores on Steam have been very good. It currently holds a rating of Very Positive, with 92% of 1,506 users giving the game a thumbs up. At the end of the day, fans dictate the market. It’s good for Sony that their games are performing really well on PC storefronts like Steam. This also gives us a hopeful outlook on the future. Sony may just keep sending their PlayStation exclusives alumni to Steam at this point. Heck, they even have their own publisher page on Steam now.

  Days Gone?PC peaked at almost 17,000 concurrent players in the past few days, according to steamdb. That’s a good enough number to warrant future releases.

  Now, will Sony please release?Ghost of Tsushima?on PC already? Throw in?Final Fantasy VII?while you’re at it, too.

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