[Totally Reliable Delivery Service]‘Totally Reliable Delivery Service’ review

  Totally Reliable Delivery Service is the exact kind of dumb fun we all need right now. The crazy fun time-trial filled sandbox lets you find enjoyment in your own way, with some challenges here and there to test you. If you love the gameplay and humour of games like Goat Simulator and Human Fall Flat, this is definitely a title to pick up; otherwise, bugs and other issues may make you wish that Totally Reliable had fallen off the back of the lorry.

  The core gameplay loop of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is simple. You must deliver packages from a start location to an end goal in a timely fashion, while also being careful with fragile labelled boxes and paying attention to other additional tasks. You will run, drive and fly your way to success, utilising a plethora of delivery vehicles, each with their own quirks and challenges to add to the mix. You will also find hidden challenges dotted about, putting your skills to the test in non-delivery based ways, too.

  So far I have loved my time with the game. The planes are by far some of my favourite vehicles to manoeuvre and explore with, even if I have not quite grasped landing yet. It has also been great to jump into multiplayer with friends that own the game. Together we helped each other complete specific challenges (sometimes making them a bit harder) and also divide and conquer, exploring the map more quickly than one person could on their own. All the while we could not stop laughing.

  It is absolutely worth jumping into as a break from the monotony of isolation

  However, there are certainly a few issues with this game. Bugs snuck through that lead to you needing to respawn every so often, but personally I have not come across anything too game-breaking and it has not ruined my experience. Though, on the not buggy side, it can also be easy to feel lost in Totally Reliable’s world. The vending machines that offer you packages can sometimes be a bit tricky to find and with no real direction present, it is possible you could miss out on quite a bit without really scouring each and every corner.

  Then again, this freedom to explore and just muck about in a dumb-fun world is itself a plus point in the times we are living. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is by no means the perfect game, but frankly that does not matter with the barrels of laughs you can have with this title. It is absolutely worth jumping into as a break from the monotony of isolation, especially if you want a game to play with friends on a socially distanced hangout!

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