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  The stark contrast of neon and noir visuals from the Gotham Knights game are now available as stunning wallpapers across various devices.

  By Ethan Moss

  Published Feb 04, 2021



  The team behind?Gotham Knights has shared a variety of stunning visuals of Gotham and the Bat Family to serve as official wallpapers for?players’ devices.

  The official Twitter profile behind the game posted the announcement with an edit to a clip from the original cinematic reveal trailer. Red Hood (Jason Todd) can be seen scrolling through the photos, providing a brief example of how the images would look on user’s phones. However, the images shared to?Twitter possess larger aspect ratios, suggesting they could also be quite suitable for various other devices. Each one captures the contrast of gloomy fog and vibrant neon that characterizes Gotham City.

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  (1/3) pic.twitter.com/KkOQpaAQJQ

  — Gotham Knights (@GothamKnights) January 28, 2021

  Those?wishing to use the images can take their pick from the four playable heroes of the game.?In addition to Jason, the game also stars Nightwing (Dick Greyson), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Robin (Tim Drake). While the identities of the first three were easy to determine, Robin’s was more uncertain at first, as fans could not identify whether he was Drake or Damian Wayne. While there is more than one Batgirl in the comics, her identity as Barbara can be confirmed by the presence of the Gotham Clock Tower, the lighting of which perfectly mimics the yellow accents of her costume.

  The game was announced during the 2020 DC FanDome event, and since then little else has been revealed, despite?its intended 2021 release. The game, developed by WB Games Montréal, will be possible as both a solo and an online cooperative experience, as demonstrated in the image of Nightwing and Red Hood. The trailer demonstrated that each hero will have their own signature playstyles; however, nothing has been revealed about how the player’s character choice will effect the story or the open-world.

  (3/3) pic.twitter.com/iDqJCUGmGe

  — Gotham Knights (@GothamKnights) January 28, 2021

  The game’s announcement?has been the center of much speculation?due to?Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s other Batman property?Batman:?Arkham, produced by Rocksteady Studios. Both games’ renditions of Gotham, which these wallpapers celebrate, are visually similar, and so too are aspects of the gameplay. The characters on the other hand are quite different, as despite the cinematic trailer’s visuals, the game itself provides a more vibrant and cartoonish aesthetic, heavily contrasting the gritty and rugged appearance of the Rocksteady’s games. The story is also entirely separate, following the death of Bruce Wayne and the emergence of The Court of Owls.

  Developed by WB Games Montréal, Gotham Knights is scheduled to release in 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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